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help save Gleb!


should Gleb get skis or a snowboard?  

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  1. 1. should Gleb get skis or a snowboard?

    • gleb, don't be a gaper and get the big boy snowboard
    • get the skis and a OPFB to boot, gotta impress while cruising at Alta and Taos

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we have a rider in trouble!

you see gleb is buying skis instead of longboards!

He has the choice between a a big ass longboard that would kill it for pow and also as a softboot carver or some atomic SXs

mind you Gleb does not and has not really ridden a long board or softies.

please please tell him whats up and that skis are lame.

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F2 Respekt 176 cm Free Ride BIG MOUNTAIN Snowboard

Get the skiis !!!

OPFB ??? off piste fat boyz ??

No big mountains around here, esp loon/waterville and POW ??

New England people get all excited when they ski (or ride) and can't see thier boots....in the Deeeeeep powder


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LOL!!!!!! Too f***ing funny!!!! You guys just somehow made my day.

I appreciate the attempt to be "saved" but I've already been saved ones. If I get my skicks cheap, I'll be able to get my F2 within a week and a half.

Working the long weekend for time and a half really set me forward. I might even get a speedster as well.

oh and ralann, I will do no such thing:nono: All my stuff is pretty worthless anyway, cept for the stuff I'm getting this year.

I wont even sell my Mountain Dew give-a-way skis from the mid 90s. They're going on the wall and are probably worth $10.:biggthump

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short for "one piece fag bag" in reference to the onne piece suits often seen on rich skiers, they often look like something liberache would wear with pride

i was in absolute shock when i walked into a nearby ski shop and actually saw with my own eyes numerous new one piece suits for sale:eek: I practically died i was laughing so hard. but the one that really got me was this hilarious reversable one piece... on one side it was booring black, but the other side was heavy fur... it looked just like a yeti costume! If it wasnt $300 I would have brought it home to wear on halloween for the rest of my life:D

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son, there is only one piece of advice I can give you


I ski at times..... i know what I'm talking about .....

make the right decision ...... don`t join the dark side

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That suit is ridiculous! I'd totally go for it if it was less than $150.

I'd never waste a trip to Cannon by brining skis, I've been there once and had the best riding of my season on my board. So I'll see ya there:biggthump

Skis are a temptaion of the devil, like beer, hookers and farm animals....did I just say that?

(< <)

(> >)

That was a HUGE "just kidding"

Just got an email from my school that they have a package for me! My silberpfeil just came in with !!!!

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