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Ith Thith fo real ?


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In the "Accomodations" section:

Clint Cocker the Country Rocker

DJ Wood

DJ Notoria Flake

Hmmmm interesting... but wait, there's something more interesting.

Have you guys ever danced like that while waiting for the lifts to open ??

AS they say: "Meet old friends or make new ones but just come"




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This is the funniest site of the year

"Have a free meal on your birthday and we'll even blow your candle!" :biggthump

BUT... at the same time, there's a press release relating this:

This local ski resort has gained ill reputation overnight due to unwanted onslaught of homosexual skiers and snowboarders. "We're just a family ski hill minding our own business and we'd like to keep it that way," sighs Michael. "We will not restrict the access to the mountain to anyone, even if they come from gay San Francisco but at the same time we've got to protect our family values."

A local skier who requested anonymity reported that she let her daughters sled and build a snowman not realizing their playmates were children of several gay couples. "When I realized who they were I immediately called my daughters to pack up and go home.

Somebody will have to explain me why such a stupid reaction ! :AR15firin

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I found this site with my recent babysitting job...I checked the online store-the whitey-tighties are a new item!

I hope the parents didn't walk in while you were looking at the underwear online. What's babysitting come down to.

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