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Riot Carving board

Guest moa

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Hi, Does anyone know anything about Riot carving boards? , I was wanting info on the Supercarve 180 (I think thats the correct name) If you happen to know what the Turn Radius , Centre / Tail / & Nose widths are , that would be a start. Any other Good or Bad experiences could be helpful,


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Just bought this actual board (in NZ), and will plug the actual measurements into Nate's calculator when it arrives in a couple of days.

Advertised as

"Riot Supercarve 180

Approx 11m radius

240 tip

175 waist

235 tail

This board is in mint condition has barely been used.

Base & edges are perfect , Fantastic Carve/Race board for someone. Will suit an aggressive rider, Lots of camber & very stiff"

Completely different top sheet from the Riot Velocity boards featured in Reviews and in other threads.

Get to ride it in a couple of weeks! :biggthump


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Just got round to loading detailed photos.

Took this, a PJ 6.2 reg assym and an old Avalanche Chris Saunders 167 away for two weeks last NZ winter (Aug 2008) to Cadrona / Treble Cone fields in South Island NZ.

Now nearly 50 (182cm, 82kg), I've slalom skateboarded since the 1970's (pre-urethane wheels) and had been trying to get the hang of carving after two planks got too boring.

Was too chicken to try the Riot at first, but when I actually climbed on board it was the easiest of the three to ride. In 5 days I went from not being entirely confident of getting down the beginners slopes without a tumble to being confidently carving all the groomed slopes the fields had to offer. The board is very quick from edge to edge, and stable at speed. From measurements Nates calculator brings the sidecut radius in around 12.5m.

Using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine -


Riot's old web pages talk about them not as a race board but as a tool for just blasting around at speed.

Good carving boards are hard to find in NZ and hellishly expensive to import. I enjoy this one so much it is unlikely to be sold before I die!

My 2 cents worth-

If you get a chance to try/buy a Riot in good condition, take the opportunity, you're unlikely to regret it! And not all of them look like the one that Chubz has for sale.



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