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Found 15 results

  1. SOLD - I haven't been riding much the last few years so it might be time to thin the heard. 161 Coiler SL - ridden once. This is a copy of the board that Bruce built himself and won the nationals in ~2013. Sidewall engraving: T161SL 014DT - 6.8+11. The waist width is 20cm. SOLD - Price: $600 OBRO + shipping or pick-up in Denver.
  2. I’m selling this board for a friend. This is 165cm Coiler Race Carve Classic (RCC). It was built for a ~130lb female rider. She rode the board less than 5 days; she was never comfortable on it. The RCC is a single sidecut radius (not VSR). The waist is 18cm. The board was built during the 2007/2008 season. The price is $400. I will ship the board at the buyers expense. Buyer must take care of the logistics, send me a shipping label and I will drop the packages board off at the chosen carrier.
  3. I’m selling a custom-built Virus Raceworks 183cm alpine snowboard. This is a titanal board built during the 2012/2013 season. It has a variable side cut radius, the average radius is ~15m. The waist is 20cm. The board would be best for a heavier rider, e.g. 190+ lbs. The board has been ridden approximately 30 days. The top sheet does have some lift line and chair lift rash - see photos. There are a few spots of light surface rust of the edges; all of it will come off easily with a quick edge tune. There are a few spots of the topsheet where the screws from the bindings bit into the topsheet; as a result there are small knicks in the topsheet, but the titanal is not damaged. Price is $600 firm. That’s half the price I paid for it. I Will ship the board, but it’s the buyers expense and responsibility to figure out the logistics and send me a shipping label. I will then drop the board off at the buyer’s carrier of choice.
  4. I haven't been riding much the last few years so it might be time to thin the heard. 180cm JJA Cypress - ridden twice. I never spent enough time riding a board with a plate to become comfortable with the difference in feel. The board is in excellent condition. Includes the JJA plate and two 3 degree Bomber TD3 BP version base plates. I know some of the JJA's had issues with insert alignment and pull-out. I've played with the position of the plate and baseplates on multiple occasions and have never had any issues. I don't know which factory manufactured this board, but I do know it was in the first batch of boards made commercially available in the US. Serial number 0180 0158. Price $1050 OBRO + shipping or pick-up in Denver.
  5. 173cm Titanal Coiler VSR (Variable Sidecut) with 23cm waist 7.2 + 6 if you speak Bruce This board is a great ride, extremely fun and still super forgiving. Great for a rider with big feet or for working on your extreme carving technique. The board has a black topsheet with a ghosted coiler logo along it's length. The board is in good shape, it has some wear at the tip, tail and in front of the rear binding from the bail. Pictures show board with storage wax. I am thinning out my collection to make room for some new rides. Believe it or not, I actually prefer even wider boards! Asking $500 for board and bindings. Shipping extra, will deliver in Collingwood area.
  6. Built in Spring 2010, this is a 2011 model 177 VSR M+ Turbo, Bruce's full code is T177 VSR M+ Turbo 011AW1 - 6·5+6 "Mahani" is one of the prettiest Coilers ever, top sheet has some minor scuffs 8 out of 10, bottom is a 10, in storage wax. She has under 8 days on her and needs to go to a new owner to be properly utilized. NEW PRICE $475 This board needs to go, financing two new thirsts - shipping not included.
  7. This board is in mint new condition $200 Softboot Carving to POW..A true do-it-all board Sidecut - one of a kind sidecut for grip and control Length (cm): 169 Effective Edge (cm): 128.5 Tip/Tail Width (cm): N/A Waist Width (cm): 25.5 Sidecut (m): 9.3/8.3/8.5/8/9. Solitude hybrid camber snowboard is the choice of legendary pro, Mike Basich Features Include Whisky X - x4 Titanal plates underneath your bindings which accurately direct pressure to your boards contact points when you need it most. This means less wastage and a more aggressive, incredibly stable and extremely responsive ride. Whiskey Bars - Carbon strips that create torsional stiffness and dramatically reduce chatter across lumpy snow. Biax Glass - A biax layup means torsionally smooth flex with a nice and forgiving performance when you need it. PDT Sidecut - A 3 phase sidecut that means extreme maneuverability in tight situations, but incredible stability at speed. Reflex Core - Another great core from Flow that is smooth and features different flex zones to deliver an incredible ride Steel Edges - Fully wrapped for quality The Lowdown Rider Profile: Intermediate / Advanced Mountain Profile: Freeride , Big mountain freestyle Camber Profile: Pow-Rock Read More Shape: Directional Read More Base: Sintered 4000 Read More Flex: Responsive
  8. Bruce built this for my Wife at 140-145 lbs, here first true Alpine board. A Titanal 162 "Stubvana" with nearly perfect top and bottom, "carbonium" topsheet, approx 15 - 2015 days on it. Bruce's code T162 Stubvana for Beth 015B - 7.4 + 5W has a 24 nose, 19 waist, 23 tail. $600 OBO plus shipping.
  9. "Creme Brulet", Ordered in 2017, 9.5/10 top sheet (boot scuffs only, no dings) base 10/10, board has 5 - 350 foot days on it. $550 plus shipping.
  10. One of a kind, minty (9 topsheet/10 bottom), Coiler 173 AMT-SP, yes a Coiler Split Tail. Bruce remembered it was built for a 145-150 lb rider. Bruce's code T173 SP O9D3-6.3+4.5. Barely ridden edges bottom like new, in storage wax. $350
  11. BUMP - reduced to $700. This is my wife's Kessler Alpine 171, she bought it new from Fin and Michelle back in 2014 but it's only had ~15 days on it in total (7 days of her riding, 8 days of me) A few minor cosmetic blemishes as would be expected after a few days riding, but the edges, base and top sheet are all in fantastic condition. Never had a base grind, only race tunes with 1 and 3 degree bevel. Will ensure a top race tune before shipping to the lucky new owner. I'm reluctant to sell as I love to ride it myself, but the wife wants to get a new Prior WCRM as she's not so much into racing gates these days... $700 plus shipping from Snowmass Village CO
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/332109091429?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 COILER Snowboard 166 x 22 x 12.7m Titanal EXStubby hybrid Stubby Nose and an EX tail 10 cm + 4 cm + 152 cm = 166 overall $400 FREE Shipping via FedEx Ground
  13. OK Boys and Girls, up for your consideration is a very rare Al Worley hand made deck sale. Those who know me know how meticulously my gear is kept, the Prior is actually my wifes. On the left is "RUBY" (aka Rubella), a 181 Virus Cyborg Evolution III, in immaculate condition 9.5/10, sick camber, not for the faint of heart. Ruby is sold and moving to Montana. In the middle is "WYNTER" a one of a kind Coiler prototype swallowtail, essentially a 173 AMT, Titanal VSR, built for a light 140-145 lb rider. In excellent condition 9/10 some slight cosmetic wear (Bruce's codex : T173 SP O9D3 6-3 + 4-5).....NO LONGER FOR SALE On the right is my Wife's Prior Magnolia Twin, her entry level Hard boot transition board (she started on softies and graduated on TD2's) This was new inventory (09-10)when I bought it from a board shop in S. Lake Tahoe. It is a 156 x 7.5 x 24.3 in 9.5/10 top sheet condition, slight scratches in the ptex, but a fresh tune will bring it back to a 10. It has only been tuned once. $200 Prices do not include shipping.
  14. I have a 163 Oxess BX board that was made this season. The board has a 12 meter sidecut and has been ground once. The board has been hot boxed at least 4 times and has a very fast base.
  15. T 169 VRS XT 011 PD1 7.1+6 I got it last year from Joe Breese. The end of the season. I only road it two days last year and one day this year. Bruce told Joe it was a Titanal 169 with the extra tight turn radius Looking to get $450..... plus shipping Two small dings on the top sheet
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