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Found 6 results

  1. Dear Raceboarder/Extremecarver What a joy ! The date of the next Moon&Carve session is fixed. At the 16th & 17th February 2019 the Moon&Carve session is held the second time at the winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch, Frutigen at the Metschalp in beautiful Switzerland. The following manufacturers will be there: Oxess, Goltes, Kessler, Plasma, Mountain Slope, Sense. As usual you will find detailed information about the event on our Moon&Carve Homepage: http://www.moon-and-carve.com The event is organized by local raceboarders. Because we are no commercial organisation and the event is free for all participants, we are thankful for all PR. We would be glad if you spread the good news and give us a like . We're already looking forward to have a cool session with you! Ride Hard The Moon&Carve Team web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/ Like & Share it ?
  2. BMES 2018 February 12th "Back after a seven year hiatus" It's been way too long friends. Time to get back in the groove and have a chance to ride with the collective. This is a informal, unofficial, unsanctioned, come one and all event for hardboot enthusiasts to meet up and get a little crazy. https://www.skibluemt.com Detailed Schedule: 8:00am Meet at Valley Lodge. 8:30am Lifts spin and turns start. ????? Leave mountain exhausted, but with huge Post if you're coming. If you have any questions fire away. Also if someone knows how to save $$$ on lift tickets please share. See you in the trenches......Jesse
  3. Ciao Carvers Here is some strong suggestion for your next winters holiday planning ;-) Next season (10.&11. March 2018) me and my crew will carry out our Moon&Carve Session for the first time. It takes place at the wintersports area Elsigen-Metsch which is the raceboarders Mekka in the canton of Berne, Switzerland. You will find more information on our emerging event homepage: http://moon-and-carve-en.weebly.com It would be a pleasure to have you with us as participants or supporter. Best regards & ride hard nextcarve PS: Share the news, like us on Facebook
  4. Bonjour à tous!!!? Et oui c'est reparti pour un tour... Il me fait plaisir de vous invité au CSQ 2018 qui se tiendra le 27-28 janvier pour une 5eme années au Relais du lac Beauport. Cette rencontre se veux amicale et sous le thème "have fun with us" ----"aillez du plaisir avec nous"!! ??? Il est encore tôt mais je travail déjà sur quelques petits projets... Je vous tiens au courant des développements. merci Patrice. voici les développements... Bonjour les amis de carver! Permettez-moi de me présenter, je suis Patrice, le nouveau représentant canadien de la compagnie de snowboard OES Onedge Style (http://www.oes.cat) produit des snowboards en Espagne et offre une très large sélection de snowboards de course alpine, BX et freecarvers. Des snowboards sur mesure sont également disponibles sur demande. J'ai des board démo à votre disposition pour essayer. . Je tiens à mentionner que je ne ferai aucun commentaire ou comparaisons avec d'autres fabricants. Si vous voulez le faire, c'est à vous de décider. Mais s'il vous plaît essayez de garder vos commentaires constructifs. Je serai à la CSQ 2018 au Centre de ski Le Relais au Lac Beauport, Québec, Canada les 27 et 28 janvier, Pour plus d'informations, Vous pouvez communiqué avec moi. Je tiens à préciser également en tant qu' organisateur de ce super CSQ 2018 il sera possible de tester les snowboard de SWOARD et possiblement d' autres compagnies. Cela reste un rendez vous NON officiel, vous ne trouverez aucune tente de demo... vous n'aurai que vous informez auprès des autres carver présent. Vous comprendrez que pour l'épanouissement de notre beau sport je me dois de rassemblés ces fabricants pour satisfaire tous les goûts. I want to specify also i'm the ' organizer of this great CSQ on 2018 it will be possible to test snowboard of SWOARD and possibly other companies. It remains an UNOFFICIAL évent, you will not find demo tent ... you have to ask the carver present. You Will understand that for the blooming of pur beautiful sport i have to gather these manufacturers to satisfy all the tastes.
  5. trent

    MES 2017

    it's almost that time of year again. the testing of who can get the lowest, who can smile the biggest, who can last the longest, and who can eat the most sugar after lunch! oh wait, there's also the contest between bobble and bionicman for the camera curse award! weds, FEB 1, 2017 9:30am - ? (and i have NOT seen the lift started before 9:30 yet this year. silly vail policies/rules) afton alps www.aftonalps.com lift tickets are $48 on the preferred program, $53 not on the program bring your lunch or money to purchase food. as usual, there will be plenty of homemade food from the sugar group. invite everyone you know who gets mad anytime they leave more than a pencil line in the snow! or anyone who wants to leave only a thin line. https://goo.gl/photos/x6SPxmXLvurYDoj6A https://goo.gl/photos/S7BVM2tXJ2uagXPBA https://goo.gl/photos/o3f7eUSftFSvSijU6 see you on the hill! -trent
  6. ROAD TRIP!!?! for those of you nearer to central NY...come on out! joerg from switzerland, ray from cleveland and dan from montreal will be the pure boarding talent joining us. demos, clinics, reduced lift tickets, first tracks, closed off runs, etc... please let me know this week if you need lodging. i will be deciding yea or neigh on a house for out-of-towner-carvers monday morning 12jan. so far i have one couple interested. if we are 8 guests for three nights it would come to about $130/person. nonetheless, please rsvp for session and/or lodging (contact info on the flier). ----- christian (and scott) : i.e. the phillips brothers.
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