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  1. Selling three identical Oxess boardercross boards, 155cm with an 11 meter sidecut. All have been ridden a half season and are in perfect condition. The quiver as a whole would be good for a World Cup or NorAm level rider looking for a complete customized set to start racing seriously. Flexible with pricing and would love to hear from all inquiries!
  2. Length: 170 CM –1.7M Edge: 156CM –1.56M Radius: 14.0M(Side cut) Min Width: 18.5CM – 185MM Stance: 48CM –480MM At Oxess we carefully produce all products by hand, including all raceboards. We only use very high-quality materials. Thanks to the experience ofmore than 25 years in snowboard construction, Oxess builds snowboards ofhighest quality and durability. Race boards from Oxess impress with their high performance, both interms of smooth-running, carving characteristics and ice grip. This is done byadapting the progress
  3. My son grew. Looking for race boots. Thank you.
  4. Bought this board and LOVED it, but I need to thin the herd. Length: 163cm Waist: 25.2cm Effective edge: 138cm Sidecut: 8-9-10m How does it ride? Fast graphite base, flex and ride is very similar to the ALLOY DO 161. Excellent grip, quick edge to edge. Base is perfect, it’s not had much use. (Storage waxed) $250 + postage...negotiable
  5. Hello everyone. the summer season is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. For me it's time to put my demo sale online. Most of them have not taken more than 2 days of use. They are all between 9/10 and 9.9 / 10 on the general condition. If a board interests you communicate with me by private message only. I will send you photos of the board that interests you. The buyer pays the transport costs. There is no deal left. Bonjour a vous tous. la saison estivale bat son plein et J'espère que vous en profitez au maximum. Pour moi c'est le temps de mettre en ligne ma vente
  6. I would like to get a reasonable priced board for my son, around a 156-160. This is his 2nd year racing, I am not sure what is the best setup, I know he does not want hard boots. thanks
  7. I am 5'6", 145 lb's looking for a slalom board. I am looking for something like a Coiler or Donek which wouldn't be too stiff for me but I am still looking for something with decent quality, I am riding on an 'antique' at the moment. If you have any boards or any leads, I would love to hear about them.
  8. It's that time of the year again! Local h/botters gathered again for BBQ sacrifice to Ullr. Numbers were a bit down, due to many members being away. Never the less we had good time. May the snow be with us!
  9. I need F2 race bindings large .... if you have It....... price and all info. TANKS.
  10. SOLD This board was custom made by Hansjuerg Kessler. The board is in excellent condition. Features: Length: 162 cm Waist width: 20.5 cm Side cut: KST SL Side cut range: 7-12 m Topsheet: Black P-tex Inserts: UPM inserts, plus full 4x4 insert pack Kessler Gold Medal Basegrind and Structure ($100 value) Full race tune ($100 value) Ideal rider weight range: 125-180 pounds $995 - bindings not included
  11. Hi! Cleaning out the garage... time to sell various equipment! Prices & descriptions listed below. All prices in USD and exclude shipping & related costs (shipped from Whistler, Canada). Preference is to sell board & plate as package - this equipment was designed to ride together, and this gives you a chance to save on shipping. I'll cut a deal for purchases of more than 1 item. Ryan Kessler 185cm GS Board - $300 + Shipping Board is from 2011, and saw regular use (10-30 days/season) from 2011-2013. Since then it's been stored safely. I was the only owner
  12. Looking to sell off some of my boards, I might add some more if you guys are really interested but I figured I'd start with these . 2013 Donek Rev 163 P-text top sheet $450 obo Used for one season as main race board and ridden a few times by a friend and kept in my garage since. Base had a fresh grind the season it was raced and still in great shape with a nice structure and tons of edge life left. Standard UPM and 4x insert pattern 2015 Donek Rev 185 (red one) $700 obo Used for one season as main race board still in great shape with not that many
  13. I have 4 Oxess 163 SBX boards I am looking to get rid of. All four of the boards have a 12m sidecuts and 26cm waists. Two boards have metal and two are the stock carbon construction. The metal boards were made last July and the carbon boards were made this June. The boards are in perfect condition! All 4 boards have fresh base grinds within the last month. These boards are spectacular with lots of wax and hard work put into the bases! Please email austinleal@hotmail dot com if you are interested and I can send more photos, if needed.
  14. SOLD This board was custom made by Hansjuerg Kessler. The board is in perfect condition. Features: Length: 180 cm Waist width: 20.2 cm Side cut: KST PGS Side cut range: 11.5-19 m Topsheet: Black P-tex Inserts: UPM inserts, plus full 4x4 insert pack Kessler Gold Medal Basegrind and Structure ($100 value) Full race tune ($100 value) Ideal rider weight range: 130-185 pounds $995 - bindings not included
  15. Looking to sell these 27 mondo RCRs from last season, as you can see they are in great shape with just some minor cosmetic wear and tear after one season of use. If you are not familiar with RCRs they are a stiffer race version of the RC 10 and are the same bottom section but with the stiffer tongue and cuff and have the extra upper support with the "spoiler" and the booster type buckle. I bought them without liners (I use intuitions) but I do have some old foam liners (from another upz boot) that I can include if someone needs that. $350
  16. Good Condition. Everything is there. Will need some mounting screws. $150 CAN obo, buyers pays shipping
  17. Kesslers for sale! Been injured and letting these go for cheap. All are 163 sbx race decks... fast as heck and ready to win. The two on the right (the black and white are pretty much brand new). Buyer pays shipping and prices are in canadian (seeing how low our dollar is relative to the US, these are a bargain), especially compared to a brand new deck costing $1700 plus tax! From Left to Right: Kessler 1 Black: $375 CAN Kessler 2 White: $550 CAN Kessler 3 Black : $675 CAN Kessler 4 White: $675 CAN email me at kequyen2@hotmail.com
  18. Looking for a Slalom race board. Already have a GS board. Looking for something around a 162 or shorter but built for a lighter rider. Will be using hard boots with it. If it comes with bindings, no step ins. Please provide pics, specs, and price including shipping to zip code 22554.
  19. Burton Carrier Automat Race step-in bindings, these are the ones with the aluminum heels and base plate. One set with red (soft) bumpers the other with blue (medium), 4X4 disks (3-D if you want them). Heel spring bails are in great shape, Clearing out a bunch of stuff that has managed to pile up. Take one for $165 or both for $300. Can ship out of the US, but please contact me first. Paypal payment please.
  20. noschoolrider


  21. I cant ride hard boots. These are new and have a thermo liner. I can take credit cards, but I will have to charge an extra 5% of the total sale. asking 150.00
  22. 2 elite level race boards in great condition. Base grind at end of 2015 and only ridden about 12 days since then. Cosmetic top sheet damage shown in pics and very superficial scratch on the 170. Top sheet marks from plate on 170 board. There is marker in bindings area on the top sheet (shown in pics) from previous owner. Boards ridden for 1 1/2 seasons. Tons of edge left (~2.5mm on 157 and ~2mm on 170). Fantastic race boards! Will put a coat of travel wax on before shipping. Please message me if you have any questions or would like any additional info about the boards. updated: $425
  23. APEX v2 race plate, used but good condition. (tiny chip, some scuffs, marks from bindings, etc - nothing that affects riding). This doesn't come with hardware. (You can order the hardware online). Selling 400 USD. Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in the WORLD - 45 US (expedited w/ tracking/insurance)
  24. Colorado series, 2012 Model, but not much use. Measures 19.2 cm at waist, 175.5 cm length. Lots of life left in this board, never had need for base grind. Has a lot of taper, so very fast on flatter courses. Virus does not provide sidecut info, so please don't ask. Base and edges are in great shape. Topsheet has normal wear with some scuffing from kplates and vist plates. $450 .
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