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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone. the summer season is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. For me it's time to put my demo sale online. Most of them have not taken more than 2 days of use. They are all between 9/10 and 9.9 / 10 on the general condition. If a board interests you communicate with me by private message only. I will send you photos of the board that interests you. The buyer pays the transport costs. There is no deal left. Bonjour a vous tous. la saison estivale bat son plein et J'espère que vous en profitez au maximum. Pour moi c'est le temps de mettre en ligne ma vente de démo. Ils ont pour la plupart pas plu de 2 Jours d'utilisation . Ils sont tous entre 9/10 et 9.9/10 sur la condition génerale. Si Un Board vous interesse communiqué avec moi par message privé uniquement. Je vous ferai parvenir des photos du board qui vous interesse. L'acheteur paye les frais de transport. Il y a des deal a ne pas laisse passé. RACING -185 GS w/c hard (12/21m) waist 19.7 -185 GS w/c medium (12/21m) waist 19.7 -180 GS w/c medium (12/19m) waist 20.5 -162 SL w/c medium (7/12m) waist 19.5 -157 SL w/c medium (7/11m) waist 18.9 820$Can or 620$USD each CARVING -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -177 FC kevlar medium (9/12m) waist 19.0 -185 FC kevlar (13/21m) waist 22.9 -169FC kevlar medium (9/13m) waist 19.2 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -175 Bulat fiberglass Hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 320$ Can or 250 $USD -175 Bulat titanal hard (13,3m) waist 23.0 -175 Wide titanal soft (12/16m) waist 21.2 TITANAL= 730 $Can or 550 $USD BORDER CROSS -165 BX med kevlar (10/15m) waist 24.5 -158 BX med kevlar (8/13m) waist 24.5 -154 BX med kevlar(7/12m) waist 24.5 KEVLAR= 550 $Can or 410 $USD -145 BX med fibergass (8/15m) waist 24.5 320$ Can or 250 $USD FREESTYLE 162 FS hard (10/12m) waist 25.2 (for big guy or agressive soft boot carver) 550$ Can or 415 $USD Bindings not include...
  2. This thread will be for reviews and the specs of the boards only. Any sort of flaming will be reported to moderators. Keep that type of stuff in that other thread, please. I'll copy/paste and maybe merge some of the old posts here. Test riders, feel free to write your reviews here.
  3. First of all, this is a review thread. Use it for test ride comments and civilized discussion. If you want to flame, use "some prototypes" thread in the carving section... Intro: This was designed to be an ultimate freeride/carver for hardboots, or softies for those who like very forward angles. The inspiration for this board came from few excellent, yet not perfect, alpine free ride boards that me and few local riders have tried and frrm versatility of modern slalom boards (OES SL included). For few years I tried to convince Alexey that he needed this type of board in his lineup and that we possibly could redesign one of the existing boards to fit the bill. However, now he decided to develop it from scratch - new molds, new geometry. I've designed the geometry (so blame it on me if it didn't work), while the core thickness and construction I left to Alexey. Specs: Length: 167 Waist: 23 SCR: 8-10 Flex: M, S and XS, for now. Construction: Kevlar composite, wood core Weight: 3.9 kg, the heaviest M The sidecut goes high up into the decambered nose, creating heavy taper (less decamber at the tail). However, there's almost no taper at the contact points, flat running. I'm hoping to achieve the best of both worlds this way - carveability and float in pow. The prototypes are here!
  4. Hello carver friends! Let me introduce myself, I’m Patrice the new Canadian representative for the OES snowboard company (http://www.oes.cat). Onedge Style produces snowboards in Spain and offers a very wide selection of alpine race snowboards, BX and freecarvers. Custom-made snowboards are also available on request. I have some demo at your disposal for trying. I will report on every tested board. I want to mention that I won’t comment on any other brands. If you want to do it then it’s up to you. But please try to keep your comments constructive. I will be at CSQ 2018 at Le Relais ski centre at Lac Beauport, Québec, Canada on January 27/28 and other places to come. for more information check under the QUEBEC tab in few days. you Will find below the list of test board. -185 GS w/c base W medium -185 GS w/c base M hard -185 FC kevlar -180 GS w/c -178 Sputnik wide H+ (spider) -177 FC medium -177 FC kevlar medium -175 Bulat -162 SL w/c -165 BX medium (border cross) Soft = 50 a 75 kg Medium = 75 a 90 kg Hard = 90 et +
  5. The Oes 178 wide is a very comfortable board. You need a bit of speed to turn, because the camber, then the board turn very easely. The grip is fantastic, the board is so comfortable, you do not have the impression of a technic board You can vary the radius very easy without much power, its a real plaisure. But you need to know to ride, comfortable do not mean beginner board.It is a big board with camber not for beginner. A medium level is required and you can already have big fun with this board. The advantage of this board is that you can ride with great grip, radical turn, super carving and great pleasure without getting tired fast. So you will be able to ride longer. If you want a big board, powerful but not too tiring, this board is an exelente candidate. A fantastic carving machine
  6. I'd purchased an OES a few months ago, finally got to ride it today. Communication with the company was great and I ordered the board they recommended based on my riding style that I described to them. When I unpacked the box I was a little frightened when I saw the camber, I can slide my foot under the board. The board holds an incredible edge, forearm grazing the snow with each turn and an incredible pop out of the turn. It was hero snow this morning so I can't wait to see how it handles the "east coast hardpack", judging from how the board rode, I think it will do well in all conditions. If anyone is thinking new board, definitely give OES a try, I'm at Liberty Mtn. every weekend if anyone in the mid-atlantic would like see one in person.
  7. Has anyone used OES boards? I'm curious what you think. I'm 5-8, 200lbs, and have been carving for 20 years. Thanks :)
  8. This board is fantastic. A wonderfull carving machine.The board is 21 cm wide and have a good torsional stiffness . For this reason wenn you put the board on the edge, the result is amaizing. The grip is fantastic and you can push very well. The board turn perfecly and keep its trajectory. For my size 1m67 and hardboots size 40, the pushpull technic is an advantage, you can turn relatively short and put the edge at high angles, and the board is very very stable. I recommande this boad for all who like wide board, high angles turn, amazing feeling with lay down turn, good torsional stiffness grip. Very very good board !!!!!!
  9. This thread turned into a bit of flame war, but let's keep the discussion going. For those who are only after the rviews, I opened another thread in propper section: http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?41964 ... I feel privileged to be chosen by On Edge Style snowboards, from Spain, as their test pilot! Alexey has contacted me few weeks ago and as you can imagine, it was very hard to convince me ;) In no time, he produced 8 boards for me and yesterday FedEx guy showed at my door! OES (http://onedgestyle.com/index.php/en/ ) has factory in Spain. They combine over 40 different hi-tech laminates (Carbon, Kevlar, Vectran, Titanal, etc.) to create the best combo for the application! More tech info and history can be had from Alexey himself, also a member here. Hopefully he’ll chime in. Over the rest of the winter, I’ll be testing these boards, with the help of my Vancouver crew. I’ll post the reviews here, as we move along. There are 3 distinct groups of models I’ll review: RACE GS 185/20cm, 12-21m, “Shaman” SL 162/19.5, 7-12m, “Charmer” SL 157/19.5, 7-11m, “Witch” FREECARVE 178/18cm, 12-14m 170/19cm, “Training” 169/17cm, VSR “Loony” EC 168/22cm, 12.7m “Bulat” M 161/21cm, “Bulat” F All their boards have extra inserts for the Vist Plate. Race models have been optimized to be ridden with the plate.
  10. Insanity and courage Raw footage 40 degree steep slope Near miss when parnter failed frontside tnx to oes.cat for boards tnx to bomberonline for TD3 greetings from Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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