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Found 22 results

  1. 175cm Prior board with blue Catek OS2 bindings. Used 3-4 seasons by weekend snowboarder in Ontario. Was a custom board for a woman approximately 140lbs and 5' 6''. Great board for bordercross or intro to alpine. Sold as a package. Asking $200 USD + shipping. But really, make me an offer.
  2. my friends, can anybody tell me how much weight has a bx 163, 14,5 - carbon - OXESS????
  3. I would like to get a reasonable priced board for my son, around a 156-160. This is his 2nd year racing, I am not sure what is the best setup, I know he does not want hard boots. thanks
  4. F2 SpeedX just tuned in like new condition. $275 plus shipping 165cm, base .5 degree, side 3 degree
  5. Hi, I have a Rad-Air Tanker 200 ready for a new owner. This Board is in amazing condition since I only rode it one time. I had planned on riding it more, but need some cash cause my kids are getting bigger and need new equipment, sadly the Tanker has got to go. These boards are extremely hard to find and rarely come up for sale. Here is your opportunity to add a the granddaddy of all boards to your quiver. $500USD + shipping
  6. Bought this last year off the Forum and used it twice. Prior owner riden only a few times so still in like new condition. I had been looking for a powder board that could carve which it fulfilled but reality is that I board on east coast and powder is scarce so I'd like to use the money and put it towards a metal carving board. I paid $290 for it last year including shipping and would like to get close to that. Thanks, [ATTACH]35670[/ATTACH][ATTACH]35671[/ATTACH][ATTACH]35672[/ATTACH]
  7. This board has been all tuned up and ready to use for the season.It's a Kessler custom slalom race board 156cm, please contact Kessler with serial number for more board info. The board is 2-3 years old, and I barely used it last season. Bindings are F2. Price 700US$, buyers pay shipping. hard boots to sell on another add.
  8. I'm looking for a Kessler, Apex, Donek, or Oxess BX board in a 158-160.
  9. For Sale $250 OBO Nidecker Proto carving board Very cool high performance board in excellent condition, top and bottom 164 cm Used very little and just sitting in garage for past yrs, i have a different board I've been using
  10. Started out with hard booting this season. Looking to get either a longer carving board for my weight (190lbs) or a skwal (up to 173cm)
  11. SOLD. Husband LOVED this board, but after two kids and a move to Arizona, it just doesn't get used. He asked that I post it on this forum so that it can go to a new home with someone else that understands and will love riding it too. We prefer to sell as a package (rip the bandaid off, so to speak). If not possible, then we will consider splitting them up. 1. SOLD - Oxygen Proton 185 board. Great condition, one small ding on top cap from lift line idiot. Sat in a board shop brand new for years before we bought it. My husband is the only one to have ever used it. 2. Bomber TrenchDigger 2 bindings with 3 degree cant discs. Medium polymer dampers. Excellent condition. 3. Raichle AF600 boots. Size 27.5 with intech heel. 289mm on heel. Used but still have a lot of life left in them. $500USD OBO plus shipping from 85388 (Suprise, AZ) Please ask any questions you may have. Thanks! k underscore huska at hotmail dot com
  12. Catek FR1 in ok shape 250$ Catek FR1, missing one back lean adjustment stopper 225$ Catek long toe ramps (lordmetroland has first dibs) 50$ Deeluxe LeMans mondo 25-25.5 (i have to verify) 100$ Donek Incline 166? used but still has lots of life left 150$ Oxygen Supercross 164, super fun soft boot carving board 150$ I'll post pictures soon.
  13. Selling a great condition Ride Tempest 166 board with a matching length Burton board-bag. Never been ground our tuned, will come freshly-waxed. I doubt this board needs a presentation if you've opened my add. I also own a longer Timeless and i'd be hard pressed to tell these boards apart besides the Timeless being a bit longer. These were and still are (imho) among the stiffest "soft" boards out there, it like to go fast and it is the best "soft" carving board I had a chance to ride, ever. Selling it because I have two very similar board out of which the Timeless is a bit more suited to my height/weight. Price: 180$US + actual shipping (US and CAN only)
  14. Greetings I'm looking to make the switch from soft boots to hard..... currently i ride a Burton M6 from 1990 in southern New York i am looking to buy used boots and bindings. I'm thinking a new Donek axxess or free carve? if i buy the Donek i will not have money for boots and bindings, any comments and suggestions are welcome!!! Best regards Peter
  15. Anyone? Please email jmcole28@gmail.com
  16. --for sale burton asymmetrical goofy board size 159, red, year unknown, this puppy is is real great shape, used for one season, first owner would like a 100$ for it plus shipping cost --for sale burton reactor boots, shell size 25-27 mondo, liners are 25.5. boots in good functional shape, liners have toe stiching and a little meat cut out due to the fact the were too small on me. good boot with a fair amount of adjustments. 100$ plus 25$ for shipping let me know if you have questions, and shred on brozef!
  17. I have a 2008 Prior WCR Metal 183 that is in great condition! This was one of the years they had the metal topsheet which I think is real sleek! I used it sparingly for a GS board. It was not my free carving board so the base stayed in great shape. It sat in the garage for a few years before I have finally decided it is time to let it go. Just had it tuned up today. $325 Shipped. Since I am new here I am linking to my eBay profile. You'll see the username matches this one. If you are at all hesitant, I can create an eBay listing for this so you can rest assured! http://www.ebay.com/usr/gavinlura530 Questions or comments invited and appreciated!
  18. Is everyone interested in this very nice board??? [ATTACH]35273[/ATTACH]
  19. I'm looking to sell a 185 black top kessler. The board has been used for a year and a half. I'm asking for $900 + shipping. If you are looking for photos of the board or have any questions please email me at rrosencranz7@gmail.com.
  20. I've been riding/carving on softies for 10 years and have decided to take the plunge into a hardboot set-up since I'm a fan of big turns at speed and stay out of the park. I love to control on skis and am looking forward to getting going on an alpine board. I'm thinking anything from a 164-172, used - wear a MP29 boot. If anyone has a part or all of a used set-up for sale that would work, I'm all ears. I'll be riding mostly in California at Mammoth and Big Bear with the occasional Tahoe trip. Open to an older race board or an all mountain, feel free to weigh in since I'm a novice. I'm 5/11, 160lbs if that helps for board sizing... Thanks! -Rob
  21. First, a little context: I need to upgrade my boots and am thinking about upgrading my board too. I'm presently run Trench Digger 1 bindings, have a 10 year old prior for my "powder" board, and an F2 race slalom board about 6 years old for my "carving board". both board are about 157's...so they are easy to navigate through moguls but it's harder to catch a carve that approaches EC (at least for me). I'm about 5'8" and 150lbs, and have been boarding since 1988, so I'm OK, can go pretty much anywhere, have pretty good technique, and go about 10 - 15 days per year, but I'm definitely not an expert. Clearly I could survive with my present equipment, but two things are prompting me to consider buying a new board: * I am concerned that my board is too short to really carve, and I should get a longer board. From another post on this forum, I got the impression that a 167 or maybe even a 171 would be better for carving (and of course worse in moguls :) * technology has evolved...a new metal board might be significantly better than what I have, and not just an incremental improvement. and now for my questions: * what board and size would you guys recommend. I'm presently leaning towards the Donec FC Metal 167 * do you agree with my statements above or would you correct some of my belief's and impressions? TIA
  22. highshool alpine racer in search of a slalom board, preferably between 152 and 158, for fair price Quince.Blackwell@yahoo.com
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