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Found 13 results

  1. Original 1990 Burton Kelly Mystery Air from 1990 for sale. Board has been used between 1990-2000 but stored indoors from 2000-today. Board shows some wear, but no big scratches, looking good considering its age. The aluminum (?) tip protection is showing some wear and needs a little TLC to reach peak condition. Unkown/unoriginal binders. Can be removed before shipping if wanted. More photos on request. Board is on eBay, but will donate the same % to this site that eBay requests, if buyer wants to make the sale here. Find the item on eBay. Price is negotiable. Shipping from Norway to US is roughly 60$, other countries on request.
  2. Flashback to the Late 80's and Early to Mid 90's... Looking for Burton PJ7 Goofy Foot and Factory Primes, Ultra Primes, and any other speed planks that can be used by a Goofy Foot. Let me know what you have! Thank you, Brent Brent Bathon Winhall, Vermont - Meant to post this in Wanted To Buy...
  3. Flashback to the Late 80's and Early to Mid 90's... Looking for a Burton PJ7 Goofy Foot. Or even Factory Primes, Ultra Primes, and any other Vintage Burton speed planks that can be used by a Goofy Foot. Let me know what you have! Thank you, Brent Brent Bathon Winhall, Vermont
  4. So these guys, https://www.facebook.com/vplate/, are making a plate that interfaces with old boards bolt patterns allowing one to use modern 4x4 bindings... I have no affiliation with this product.
  5. This one is a beauty in good condition. I would love to hear that it got back on the snow! It's that legitimate with so much camber it's funny. Or... hang this puppy up at your cabin or ski condo. After all that's what ski condos are for - Fun & Function. Still has original stomp pad! Pulling sale from bomber and selling on eBay now. Thanks!
  6. This is not just a snowboard but a work of art and a historical piece of Americana. This is a great example of the evolution of snowboarding. Hooger Booger HB 172 SL Has binding plates but no bindings. Thanks!
  7. Burton PJ regular 173 sign by Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva and a ALP Goofy 157 - PJ, All of they edges are in good shape, no damage. There is some work to be done on the base. - ALP, delaminated in the rear on one side for about 3 inches, rest good shape (See pictures) - Sold with two pairs of Burton bindings, good shape, no known damage. I am not in a rush to sell it, they are just getting higher in value every year. Thanks you For the 2 boards / 2 pairs of binding, 299$ + shipping Rene renebouthillier at hotmail dot com
  8. (Burton Snowboards - Chill) Also have a Scream of Conscientiousness on my NAS. Been looking for the See/Hear...evil series from the early 90's. I just loved the hanging out with friends on a garbage dump with modified sorels, duct tape, etc, and helping each other progress back in the early days. - Fun times.
  9. So I searched the forums and did not see this post so I thought it should be posted Man it is funny to look back at things as we get older. I love the Sorel boots and all of the neon! Check out my profile picture and you will see where I am coming from:)
  10. Hey everyone, I hope you're all getting excited for the winter like I am. I recently bought an old carver (sims 605 asym) and wanted to know if it was possible to attach a soft boot/binding setup to the board? I've been looking into the V-plate but I'm not sure it will work. It looks like the board is only compatible with old school hard boot set up at the moment. Thank in advance!
  11. Burton Asym (M6) with Burton bindings (mouse traps). Good functional board, asking 200.00 + shipping. Make me an offer.
  12. Is everyone interested in this very nice board??? [ATTACH]35273[/ATTACH]
  13. A couple years ago my paralyzed dad was dropped off a ski lift at Snowbird and didn't sue. That's 1 of about 1000 crazy stories he has had and it's the reason I'm selling my beloved 1987 Winterstick. We're hard up and we need cash to survive while I tell his story. Less than 150 of these beauties were ever made and it's unknown how many are left(Winterstick.net>history>the board chronologies). One of the most rare and collectible boards in existence. I don't believe it has ever been ridden. Some rust on edges but no burrs. Minor scuffs on base and top from 25 years of handling. This may be the cleanest one on the planet. Please help raise awareness of spinal cord injury. Share this post and find my dad on facebook at Mark Christiansen. Thanks, Nate Christiansen Salt Lake City 801-550-7889 nathanathan@gmail.com http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160972169292
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