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    F2 Speedster RS 177, Kessler 174, F2 Silberpfeil 168, OSin 4807 178 Wasatch addition, 1980 Winterstick Swallowtail & assorted old stuff.....
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    F2 Intec Titanium, Head Carbon Intec, F2 Challenge Comp SI, Clicker for softies... goofy 60 55 +-

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  1. Thanks, Ya, saw both of those...not really looking for new...300 shipped would be ideal...talked to the guy who's just ended, but wouldn't budge in price...but maybe if it pops back up...but it's close to $400 w the new internet tax
  2. Looking for a decent Dupraz D1 6, 6+, 6++...solid and ugly is fine... please make a young lads dreams come true...Thanks
  3. Same here!! I have some extra passes if any body wants to ride...
  4. So it's looks like it's black or silver for next year...I guess subtle is the new extreme... at least Sigi's got something Lime green to lust after...
  5. They're Sigi's right? Has some detail on the Hangl-Spirig system
  6. No, I didn't have to serve....I'm grateful to all who did...
  7. These are my whittled down keepers... I think I'll sell a few of these to fund something 166ish these went towards this Here's to a healthy dump...
  8. did you see him come out of his bindings?!! Yikes
  9. here of course call first....Danielle was really nice... not sure if she's still there....they show boots & protons...
  10. For me it's about feel....I have specific boards for different conditions.... fresh, light, deep = Nitro 188...fresh, heavy, deep = nitro 178...some deep, some crud, some pack = Osin 178.... but it was a couple notches below on "feel" before the mod...good all around but not as sweet in the deep...it's closer now without me worrying about breaking off a tail like I do when I hit ruts & moguls w/ a Nitro....If you've ever ridden an original bungee swallowtail... it's that feeling you remember & strive for. Since I can't ride mine except on VERY special occasions, I'd like to come as close to that feeling as conditions will allow.... or I might as well stay home & not be dissapointed.... PS...longer = smoother
  11. bandsaw, belt sander, grey epoxy..wear gloves & a mask...all kinds of funky fibers in there.....svelt 190 lbs
  12. I did this a couple weeks ago to get a better feel in ALL that powder we've been having I'd be happy to do yours Bobby,,, I like my line better than the "nitro" look & it wasn't more than 30 minutes start to finish...Still handles the hardpack well just a little softer in the tail, makes it ride a little "longer"
  13. Ya, Bryan is a hero... I think he's feverishly typing his list & should have it done in early 07... I updated my list to show the ones I bought in the last year... I bought 2 tinklers & 2 F2s from Rosey Fletcher, but never 5 of anything ...LUCKY.....I would love 5 F2s......and it goes without saying, that except for the winterstick, anyone can use any one of my boards any time they want....they just have to ask (& come to my house). The question for me now is... if I could only keep one board...which one would it be?
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