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  1. Strap or plate binding? I have a set of 5 hole two strap bindings from about that era. Might be a little newer but not much.
  2. How about a 171 Same as bOardski but in a 171cm.
  3. I have a well used but in very good condition Burton Alp 164 wood core ABS sidewall sandwich construction pre cap construction 3 hole. In So-Cal.
  4. I have an older Burton Alp 163 that I could part with that is in good condition. I do not have any bindings that I am ready to part with. I am in Palm Desert.
  5. I would stick with all my own gear, gear I know and won't have to get use to. I have been using hard boots on every thing for the last 20+ years (boots are the older Raichle 121's) then I would bring a pair of soft boots just in case. I have not read all the posts but I would add in a pair of three piece collapsible poles with large baskets (for the flats/traverses). Just don't ride out front of the group unless you know for sure there are no momentum traps, take clues from the guides tracks. Skiers don't always look at the terrain the same way a boarder does so keep that in mind. A split boar
  6. Tell us a little more about what you have demoed, what do you have in mind to what you might be looking for, did you use a set up with the bindings mounted flat or did you have cants, what binding angles and what boots and size do you have? I may be able to help you out. In the Seattle area. I would defiantly be in your price range (shipping $ unknown). The board I am primarily thinking of is a Burton Coil 172 w/ Burton Race plates. Board geo. Overall Length 1725mm, waist 215mm, side cut 10.26m. Not a race board more of an all mountain carving board.
  7. How about a Burton Coil 172 Green top and bottom, Overall length 1725mm, Running Length 1460mm, Nose Length 180mm, Waist 215mm, Sidecut Radius 10.26m. Board is in excellent cond. It's in Washington state
  8. I don't have the board but I do have a pair of five hole soft boot bindings. May have been used twice. If interested e-mail driderwhite@aol.com I don't log on hear to often.
  9. I have a Burton Coil 172 (green top sheet) that I might let go. I would say it is in good to very good cond. no damage and plenty of camber remaning. Anybody know what shipping method and cost would be from Seattle area to CraigV.
  10. To ianmaxwell shipping to you (12060) $35.00 3 day/8-10 days $20.00. To outrunner (85083)2 day $25.00/8 days $20.00. email me at driderwhite@aol.com. If you would like picture of boots shoot me your e-mail. Pay-pal is prefered payment method.
  11. size 10.5 Koflach top boarder boots,if you will use them ther yours for the cost of shipping.will be shipped from 98038.Pics available current pic to big to post hear.
  12. I know you are looking for a Prior but just incase you don't find one I have a Burton Coil 172 that is in very good condition.If you want to check it out I am in Maple Valley,Wa. Give a call 206-909-1850
  13. I have a pair very similar,Called TopBoard/Valuga light,orange w/yellow tounges black sole and buckles no gaiters w/black lace up liner.If anybody is interested let me know.Heading out of town for the weekend,I'll check back Monday 2/18.
  14. Once again Thor scores,I am going to be sending him whay I dont need and then whoever needs something Thor can be the source!
  15. I have an assortment of Burton cants and parts I will try and get pics up in the next few days.What I did when I wanted a 3deg in a four hole pattern was to get TD 1 second board kit then with a 3/8"thick T1 aluminum plate adapted Burton Race Plate toe and heal pods the Bomber cants.I'll post pics of these too.
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