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  1. Great to know. Thanks! Thanks Workshop! That is what I was wanting to know! You sound very much like myself, carving board riding since the early 90s. I cant wait until the season starts!
  2. I have been exchanging emails with Sean @ Donek over the past few days getting some details nailed down on a new board that I plan on buying prior to next season. I have finally had it with my 06 Burton Baron and decided to go full on custom board this time around to get something I want. So a little about me, I have been riding carving boards for over 20 years, my favorite board in my arsenal today is 2015 Coiler Nirvana 170. I would like to have a board that is a little more all-mountain, which is why Sean is pointing me towards the Flux. I am 6', 185 lbs., frequently ride in the midwest, with trips to the Rockies sprinkled in (where I spend most of my time in back country and hit good groomers). I am thinking a 162 would be a good length, but I am curious of other people's thoughts on the waist width. I got some new K2 Cinch bindings and 2019 Burton Photon (size 12) boots ready for it. I was thinking of a starting stance angle in the back of 15 degrees, and front 20 degrees. If I did my measurement rights, I would need about a 28.8 waist on the board to avoid toe/heel drag getting the board nearly vertical while laying out carves. That width worries me a bit. Thoughts?
  3. Yes I did, thus my interest in upgrading my current setup.
  4. I was looking at the new Donek Metal FC...wow! I like the progressive sidecut that it has on it. Starts with 11 and tapers down to a 12 on a 175 board. That would definitely getting me cutting into the turns a lot faster than the radius of 14 on my board....but still allow me to hold the edge on long carves.
  5. Thanks for all of the comments guys. I appreciate all the help thus far.
  6. I have a 173 with the 190 waist. I can't say that I dislike much about it, to be honest. It may not be as stiff as it used to be. The only thing that I would say is that when I really get into aggressive into a big carve that it seems to slide a bit, which I can see in the snow. That could be technique though too.
  7. After doing some riding with guys the other day, all of which had much newer boards than myself, I have decided to look into updating my equipment. I want to reach out to people on the forum to see what they recommend. Right now I ride a....ahem...95 factory prime. Good board, but technology has come a long way. Not a racer, but want something that will let me throw down hard turns when I want. ...and go.
  8. crobeck

    MES 2018

    Chuck = crobeck ?
  9. crobeck

    MES 2018

    Sweet! I made the pic reel! Thanks for the turns guys. I hope next year I can bring my buddy along and stick around for the whole day.
  10. crobeck

    MES 2018

    Man...the one year I think about this before it happens and it lies right in the middle of Superbowl week. I don't know if I can get out of work.
  11. JShort, are these still available? I just recently torn off the bottoms of my reactor boots, so I am in the market for some new ones.
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