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  1. It was rare fun day with soft pack and cold temps. Thanks for the tips B!
  2. Hey all, I think i might have got lucky here.. last year I had a gold pass and this year I just bought a silver, so when I picked up my pass the guy just put a sticker on last years pass which as I said is gold. So do I have a gold pass now or is there different stickers for different passes? anybody know?
  3. Appreciate all your posts B ,been watching carefully and waiting for a decent day. Was it actually that Good yesterday?Last Itime up was absolutely awful so I've been pretty Leary.
  4. Up early today, bad viz and crusty off eagle then went to sky chair. Holy crap! I finally remember why I love boarding so much!!! Bluebird sky and freshies ! Run of the day( as B would say) glades too top gun beautiful !
  5. Cypress,New Years eve.. Pretty darn good considering the past couple weeks! Good snow wall to wall off eagle chair,didn't try lions at all but it kept the crowds off eagle. Not busy at all! Only sketchy areas were on windjammer so it's worth going. Didn't take the alpine set up,maybe tomorrow?
  6. My new alpine quiver! The apocalypse is for sale or trade for decent bindings. It's 162 ,perfect edges ,very good base. might even sell the swallowtail for the right price,but I want a lot for it. BRING SNOW!!!!!
  7. Let's get this season rolling! Er I mean sliding:D
  8. New Year's Day update! Very dodgy conditions,(get it ?) JJ IS GETTING NARROWER,at least there was no crowds. as you'll see my bartenders made my day!
  9. Hey B,are you the new poster boy for Cypress? That is you isn't it? went up today ,it was quite good for the first 2 hrs then went downhill ( sick) fast.got some nice new gouges in my board .:mad:do not take your favourites up!
  10. Got Thursday off. Anyone going? anybody seen this monster from pogo? It's 235 cm! I want it!
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