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  1. Preface: - I am a beginner carver, have started 3 years ago but haven't had much time on slopes. - My son is 10 years old, biped ? beginner-ish - Wife does not like snow/cold ? That been said, I am looking for a resort with gentle (for my son) wide groomed (for me) slopes, with a nice pretty village (for wife) where to go for a week. Would like to rent a small chalet so don't have to confine wife in a hotel room That been said, what are your suggestions? I am open to anywhere that would have reasonable pricing... I have only been at NY resorts and once at Jackson Hole (which I'd exclude because of steepness, my son had a hard time) Grazie! Ric
  2. I'm going to be at Windham Thursday 2/23 to Sunday 2/26 Anyone is free to join me to show me how it's done
  3. you are right, my bad I was confusing answer I got from Yyzcanuck
  4. Hi to all I ride a Coiler ATM with Speed TC bails. (Ibex) during my last day at Jackson Hole I took a nasty fall, fortunately without any consequences for me other than a couple of bruises. But I did feel my rear boot twist I thought I was going to rip the binding off the board. That didn't happen but my bails became very loose. Of course I removed the screws and shifted it forward on notch, but now it's way too tight. So i suspect the bail bent. Would you suggest trying to bend it back os replacing it would be safer?
  5. My experience http://forums.bomberonline.com/index.php?/topic/43176-jackson-hole-good-for-carving/ Not sure if I liked it or not....
  6. I just returned from a double weekend at JH First time 2 days, then went for 3 days First of all, I am a novice at carving. So keep that in mind while reading. First time I was there mid February snow was compact, I sticked to double Blue runs (equivalent to backs here in the east) as I was with my 10 year old son (intermediate skier) Most of the time we rode the Apres Vous and Gondola. Many groomed trails but also many MANY traverses which are a real pain in the butt (narrow and long, going from one run to another) Second time I went beginning March was with some friends, temperatures during the day were high, softening - if not mushing the snow - then freezing at night. Took a lot of work from the staff to make runs decent on 1st morning, but they did a great job. We did a few black runs (double diamonds in the east). By 2 pm I was shot. you ride at 10,000 feet, get winded easily. runs are steep. I mean STEEP! For my level makes carving hard., I don't have the confidence and mostly was riding traditionally (no carve). Second day snow sucked (almost in the 60's!). Took a very bad fall on second run, bent the bail on my rear foot, boot was far too loose and had to stop not feeling comfortable Lift ticket was $130, rentals are also expensive, $140 for 2 days Food is also expensive View is spectacular Runs are tough. There are a few groomed runs, but if you are into the steeps, they are not groomed and become quite bumpy by mid day because of all the noobs ( like me :P ) that are concerned about diving down these steep runs. It gets also crowded, the good skiers are zooming fast all over the place, and the " easier" runs are packed with the beginners and intermediate. look online there is a nice interactive trail map It's beautiful, and if you are confident and good it's probably a lot of fun. But in my opinion for a intermediate and below, I would not advise.
  7. thx! I'm moving discussion to the appropriate section (Ride Board WY)
  8. Will be there third weekend in january and i need a LOT of practice which would be my best bet on a not too crowded, groomed, long possibly wide trail? appreciate all suggestions! Mister Sandman
  9. Hi to all Beginning of year I have the possibility of spending a couple of days riding in JH. Never been there before and I am fairly new at hard boots and carving. Been focusing at (trying) learning PureBoarding style. I heard that slopes are rather steep, mostly powder, not too wide. Not really ideal for Pureboarding. Is this accurate? If so, and considering my limited carving experience, would you recommend I take my Coiler and Heads from NY all the way over there or it will not be worth it and might as well just rent softies? Thanks to all! Mister Sandman
  10. Thank you for your response I actually had them bootfitted pretty heavily because I have very wide feet, so NOW they fit
  11. Hello to all! I am transitioning to riding Pureboarding style. For this is need a boot with as much flex as possible presently i am riding in Head Stratos Pro with softer tongue modified per Arnaud 's indications cutting the plastic and adding the ASCC I feel though they are too stiff and was thinking of getting a pair of Deeluxe. I cannot find the 225 at a decent price but I found a pair of 325 with a great price. Can anyone help me understand how the flex of the 325 is in comparison with modified Heads? is it worth the change? I appreciate all responses!!! Thank you Mister Sandman
  12. Update I replaced step ins with bail bindings and what a difference it made! as per PB indications I kept the rear foot binding 1cm looser, and do not tighten too much the rear foot boot buckles and it really helped me improve! now I can say I am finally getting the hang of how carve is supposed to be done (although I still have a long way yo go!) next step is getting lower....
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