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  1. Dave, I hope she knows how much she's missed by the team! She still comes up in conversation a lot, and those 3 girls wouldn't be where they are without her.
  2. I mean it wasn't 17 different resorts making the decision, it was Tim Boyd deciding to sell his company. While no doubt each of these individual resorts have their own feel, Peak Resorts had left their touch on all of them. If Wilmot Mountain (WI) is any indicator, there will be changes but they won't be as extreme as some of the changes that occurred out west with the larger resorts.
  3. On the other side of the coin, I think it's good that coaches and competitors are getting this training, specifically so they are aware of the mandatory reporting regulations. People like Larry Nassar shouldn't remotely have a place they can engage in their activities making sure everyone knows that it is their job to report stuff like that is crucial to extinguishing those spaces. Kids deserve to be protected, and I didn't think twice about taking this course for my level 100, or again when they mandated it for athletes 18+. Anonymous reporting is key for providing that protection, a large portion of victims or witnesses to sexual abuse will not come forward if they have to identify themselves for fear of retribution and ostracization.
  4. You keep referencing this "22.5" par time that Okemo posted on their website. To give a run a single par time all season is extremely misleading. There are so many variables that change from day to day- the course set, snow conditions, visibility, etc that all drastically contribute to changing the time for a run. My home hill has had par times range from 18.85 to 24.67 this year, you can't say our trail or any other trail in the world has one single "par time". One look at the national ranking list will tell you how skewed nastar handicaps can be. Nate True- He's had a top 4 finish on the NorAm cup this year. Converse Fields- Raced on the world cup up until this past year. Mike Trapp- 2018 Olympian. Gareth Cockroft- NorAm racer. Hunter Bernard- NorAm racer. Will Massie- NorAm racer. I grabbed those names from the top 50, and I would put money on those 6 being the fastest 6 riders if you put everyone down the same course on the same day. One day at Okemo where the par time might have been a second or two fast is not a reason to get upset.
  5. I think there are too many variables in a course to say there's one handicap for comparing ski times to snowboard times. Off the top of my head, some factors- Flat vs Steep courses: on courses where skiers can skate, they will be faster every time. If the first 3 or 4 gates are pretty flat at your home hill, you're at a pretty big disadvantage right there. Straight vs "Turny" courses: I've found that alpine snowboarders will generally do better in comparison on more turny courses. It helps eliminate the skier's advantage of being able to tuck through parts of the course. Tight, aggressive turns are where alpine boards are meant to shine, right? Ski Gates vs Snowboard Gates: Racing on ski gates is... annoying to say the least. When you have to ride ~3 feet outside the gate you have to cover more ground than a skier will. Ski course vs Snowboard course: What I mean by this is the fundamental differences in how ski and snowboard courses are set. I find ski courses to be more of a "path down the hill", just getting from point A (the start) to point B (the finish). Snowboard courses should be set very rhythmically, and it's easy to get into a rhythm on our courses because of this but almost impossible when the horizontal and vertical offset is different for every gate on a skier course.
  6. DW3, heads up that the SL and GS for this Saturday have been moved from The Rock to Alpine Valley, and there will be 2 boardercross races on Sunday now.
  7. For the GS and SL races on the 9th at The Rock (Outside Milwaukee, Midwest Best Series), Registration will start at 8:30 or 9:00am on the 9th, with SL inspection about 9:45am. GS inspection around 2:00pm, awards around 5:00pm. The boardercross on the 10th, registration at 8:30, 10:00am course inspection, time trials at 11:15, brackets start at 1:45pm. For the Midwest Best Series, download the "Team App" (green emblem with the letter T), and add the "USASA Midwest Best" team. That's where they post all of their schedules/live timing/event updates/etc.
  8. I would say the edges are at 80%. They aren't 100%, but they have quite a bit of life left in them.
  9. The courses held up remarkably well for temperatures hitting 40 degrees every day and having almost 70 racers. The snow might have been a tad soft, but the people complaining about it were the people who would complain if the snow was too perfect. As far as the one run finals go, yes two runs would've been better one Saturday and Sunday. But there was the Junior FIS race and youth RTTC afterwards so that was time prohibitive and Sunday was the 5th NorAm in 9 days (6th for the Juniors), and everybody was ready to be done. Nobody I personally talked to was opposed to one run on Sunday, and the top of the hill was almost silent compared to Friday and Saturday. Overall the event was fantastic, it was run very well and qualifiers ran extremely quick. Plus it was fun watching 70 racers destroy the cord in about 4 minutes each morning
  10. bump, price drop again
  11. I don't even think it was an issue of timing. I raced USASA on TD3 sidewinders for 4 seasons, and have raced on F2s the past 2 seasons. When it comes to suspension and flexibility, they aren't even close. The sidewinders provide some flexibility along a single axis, but F2s will flex in whatever way you apply pressure. Ther I love the TD3 sidewinders and still have the pair I used, but they just aren't what works for racers. Fin wanted to make an indestructible product and was phenomenal at doing that but had to sacrifice flexibility to do so.
  12. Sorry, I'll be keeping the vist for my next board.
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