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  1. Second in line for the Palmer PLS
  2. Really wishing my house didn’t need a new roof....
  3. jsa

    Car nuts thread ?

    You all have some nice rides. I’ve always driven cheap power. Call me a “late bloomer”...didn’t have anything worth mentioning (except my Jeep, 85 CJ7 with many upgrades) until the kids came along and I started taking life seriously. Had a 99 Buick Regal GS with the supercharged 3.8. Then an 01 Audi A4 Avant. Loved that one but after dealing with notorious sludge problems we bought an 11 Optima SX. Wifey drives the cars, I drive a company car and haul the fam around in a Tahoe.
  4. Practice practice practice also helps tremendously to keeep your hand gripping the bottom of the wheel. Steering feels intuitive that way. Also, use and trust your mirrors
  5. jsa

    Marquette MI info?

    Fun mountain! The snow was crusty but the terrain was steeper than I'm used to in OH. They were only spinning two of four chairs and some of the trails were closed. I'd like to go back with better conditions. Seems comparable to other smaller east coast spots. There are a handful of wide runs you could really find a good rhythm on. I didn't see anybody else laying out turns. The place was kinda dead. I'll never complain about that! I was impressed with the availability and quality of cheap motels in the area. I stayed at the Brentwood Motor Inn, under $70 for two beds, a couch, a recliner and a fridge and microwave.
  6. jsa

    Marquette MI info?

    Thanks Al, I'll bring 3... i typically ride 300' vertical of Ohios finest man made at Mad River Mtn.
  7. I'll be riding Marquette Mtn on Saturday 3/11, anyone local that can tell me about the place? Events this weekend, current conditions etc... Anybody else gone be there? It'd be cool to meet...
  8. A coworker of my wife offered up her condo so we're taking advantage of free lodging. We'll be there 1/13 through 1/18. Are there discounted lift tickets available anywhere local? I've looked at Solitudes site online and it shows discounted rates on multi day passes. I've bought lift tickets in CO in grocery stores for discounted rates, anything similar? Also, is it worth the money to ride Park City for a day? We're a family of four, 1 youth 1 teen...(wife and oldest are skiers) Thanks!
  9. I can't get enough of those old Houser sets
  10. Pretty sure it's not compatible I tried one day and couldn't get anything to work
  11. Can you carve? I've spent all of 2 days on hard boots and plates. I mounted them on my 2001 Rossi Pro Line and it rips again! I'll never go back to soft boots. If you already know how to put a board on edge and not skid out of the turn, you're well on your way. Find some hard boots and bindings in your budget and slap them on a board you own. If it's not for you, you're not out much. I'm sure you'll get more experience chime in on this, that's just my experience so far.
  12. Since joining this site, my son points out everyone with a snowboard and hardboots. It's almost embarrassing when he yells across the base area "Hey Dad! Look at that guys carving board and hard boots!" One day I can stop upgrading my kids gear and update my own stuff! I'm riding an 01 Rossi ProLine 157 with Salomon S4 bindings from the same year. Boots are similar aged Burton somethings... they were the stiffest boots Burton made back then. I thought I was "doing it" as a softbot carver. Now I can hardly stand to put the thing on edge, those old boots are just done.
  13. This was the first snowboard I ever owned! Got for christmas when I was 14.
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