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  1. Good evening Initially I was thinking to putt the add about two new orders i would be willing to take But appear to be my supplier does not have some materials i need to make the boards it is why I will present to your attention only one titanal board 180 on my site gromelsnowboards.com this board is last one in the list I will change design a little bit and present it in several days Thanks Aleksey
  2. Thank you for this info I will plan to come over If I will not be able to do it I might simply just sent my board to try out Aleksey
  3. Hi guys Is any one know the event schedule for 2021-2022 Thanks
  4. Hi Does any one know what resort in Vermont is usually better for carving in end of December Thanks Aleksey
  5. Thanks for the complement this board cowered by padauk african wood and has sterling silver and 14K gold emblem on it as the board it is 170 all around board for the carver with 10 meeter radius It designed to ride on every slope including powder :-)
  6. yapp and vampire portret on the trp of the board drown by real blood :-))))) :angryfire:angryfire
  7. Space industry made special carbon material "It is APSOLUTELY BLACK" Shred I bed you will like it can you imagine No nothing just black, black, black and black again We will call the board Black hall :lol: Happy new year to you Schred and every one crazy enough to ride carving board's Be safe!!!!! :eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2::eplus2:
  8. I do appreciate so much interest to Gromel snowboards here are some boards for this season by the way :-)
  9. Sir. Unfortunately as of right now I have offer on this board thru Ebay. As the result this board is not available. 174 is still available I can send you more pics if you want. please reply directly to my email gromel30@hotmail.com Thanks Aleksey gromelsnowboards.com
  10. I have Lightly used 3 titanal boards for sale this season Board prices around 350$ Please see board dimensions and pics attached Boards are in great condition I just do not need them for this season any more. I made other ones. If you want more information please contact me via email: gromel30@hotmail.com Boards covered by poly chrome material and Lacewood/ Spanish Ceader vaneer That gves the board unique aperance on the slope Thanks Aleksey gromelsnowboards.com Length Nose Waist Tail Statnce Times used 171 25 19.2 24 44 3 days 174
  11. This board is still available :-)
  12. Sounds like a fun board, I can send USPS money order or PayPal ? Sam Semper FI.

  13. SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!! Salling 174 prototype board with one sheet of titanal on the bottom and carbon platform on the top. This board have 2.5 cm bridge and could be used on packed snow only dimensions 174 length nose width 25cm waist width 19cm tail width 23.5cm stiffness medium/hard Please email if you would like to have more images or additional info. to gromel30@hotmail.com Price - 100$
  14. I have one older board for sale one of my clients brought this board to me once he ordered new one. This is regular (NO titanal) board for all mountain build in 2009 review on this board you might find on my site in 2009 catalog. This 170cm 30cm/24cm/27cm 30cm noose swallow tail made for allmountain boarding. Board has some small dents on running base. ages are in good shape. (This board could be used for plate bindings or soft bindings) Board still in good shape and did not loos any bridge has no twists or delamination. Board price 140$ Please contact me for additional infoto gromel30
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