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  1. The one I had which was flat on top, 170 approx long, very thin and light, I still have it but overseas in storage, is it also called the apex?
  2. A legendary board, I had one back in the 90's. You should wall mount it just for the doberman, I also havea Oxygen that was silver very light weight but lost all camber very quick, does anybody know what model the silver one was
  3. This has got to be one of Summit Counties worst starts on record, meanwhile it seems the rest of the world is getting dumped on!
  4. hotracer


    Wow, thanks for that snowboard fast, didn't even know what pozidriv was, but found I had one in a tool kit, thanks to everyone else for the advise. Can't wait to tryout the board
  5. hotracer


    Hi, i wanted to see people's opinions on plates, and I don't mean your plates that you eat off. I have just brought a Kessler 168 which came with a Kessler plate, I wanted to see people's ideas on riding with and without the plate, how IT changes the board, I am longer racing and have not don for ten years, I have had a six year break from the industry and am now looking at getting back into riding again,
  6. So more flexible? Which is the better binding and why
  7. Hi, could anyone tell me the difference between F2's intec titanium and the intec Titan flex?
  8. I just brought a pair of Millet Trigger mitts but have not tried them yet so will have to wait and see http://evelostore.lv/en/7147-millet-gloves-expert-3-finger-gtx-glove Here is a great review for mitts http://www.snowboardingforum.com/outerwear-accessories/59481-best-3-finger-trigger-lobster-mittens.html
  9. Hi, I was just wondering what peoples opinions are on which is the better ride, Kessler 168 vs SG 175, I have noticed one various forums people voting SG as the best boards available, although alot of the races are being won on Kesslers, any opinions on the pros and cons of either brand
  10. Hey, I started running sleds back in 95 as I can't ski, I was the first person in Australia to do and the reason it went so well was a snowboarder is in the perfect stance to side slip down the hill especially with the use of hard boots giving extra power and all the power going into one edge,
  11. Hey Hammerwoman, just one question you said you patrolled back in the day, but only used skis for running sleds, how come? It's actually easier to run a sled on a snowboard than skis!
  12. I agree with most of the comments above but also take into account some boots just won't fit some feet, I had a pair of 700's which I spent two seasons in and had heaps of work done on but never got comfortable in, to many bone spurs I guess, good luck!
  13. Cool, can't wait to try, if I wanna scare myself I'll take out the Simms 197!!
  14. Sorry not sure if I understand, having never ridden titanal board are you say easier to ride so go shorter or stay longer?
  15. Just for those who are following my weight is 166 ponds not 180
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