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    Donek 171 freecarve, 172 axis, Prior 176, Rossignol 190 world cup (unsafe at low speed), Coiler 174, Virus 175
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    Deelux 225, Dynafit AT
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    Bomber TD1, TD2 and TD3 clip on and step in 60-70' 6/6' cant
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  1. If anyone is needing a ride from reno airport on Sunday the 12th around 4:30 I rented a car, I think I will have space for a body and a little luggage.
  2. I'm flying in to Reno Sunday at 16:12, anyone driving through at that time or flying in and looking for a rider? I probably have a ride out on Friday other option is we rent a car
  3. I read the article in Slate this morning, visited the Rally Me website and sent a donation. I hope all of you will do what you can to support Justin as well as other snowboard racers. Justin coached Anne and I at a Chris Klug race camp at Buttermilk about 8 years ago. I wish I had known how little support he had prior to the Olympics, we would have donated earlier. Please help him and the alpine snowboarding sport!
  4. yes that's me I think that was last spring. Doug I was just up for the weekend back in Seattle now. hope to catch you next year didn't see anothuper carver on the Hill
  5. New snow, fog and bullet proof down a few cm.
  6. Anybody have Allan Worley's contact info please send to me, Al, thanks for the Goode it arrived a few days ago!
  7. Lets ride tomorrow, who is here riding what mountain?
  8. got our legs warmed up for a few days in idaho with a couple other carvers, only got hit by one skier! see you saturday afternoon. Charlie (and Anne if she isn't driving a bus)
  9. This is the monthly Airline racing event so there should be a few carvers there, snowboard race is Tuesday. Anne and I are arriving Monday leaving Friday. Any of the rest of the community going to be there? We are staying at Snowmass but will probably ride snowmass and maybe ajax as well :)
  10. You might also try alpine touring boots, i ride them more than my raichles, they are lighter, more flexible, hence more forgiving, and maybe easier to find at your local mountaineering shop. My other motive is that sometimes ride two planks and can use them for that too.
  11. Thanks Michelle and Fin for once again hosting a great week of carving and thanks Sean, Frank and Bruce for the gear i rode, still like the snap of the Oly Freecarve best. I'm looking out at lake washington thinking about carving it up. Won't be back on the snow til the 26th in SV Idaho. Anne, Cathy and hopefully daughters will be carving with me. Anne says no skiing for her next year, just carving. See you next year, oh if your in Seattle look us up. It was great riding with all of you!
  12. Anne and i will be there to carve with the <0.1% ers, looking forward to it
  13. Anne and I will be there this year, looking forward to riding with the crew after missing last year.
  14. chris where are you staying, i'm looking for a place from the 8th through 11th
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