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  1. Price drop to $US150 for a versatile, lively, all-mtn carver. Storage wax will be scraped off prior to shipping.
  2. When I bought it off a fellow BOLer, it appeared like it may not have even been ridden. I think it is an '05 or '06 model. Specs, as far as I can tell, are approximately: Overall: 1650mm Effective Edge: 1400mm Nose Width: 280.2mm Waist Width: 228mm Tail Width: 280.2mm Sidecut radius: 9m Recom. Stance: 520mm Recom. Angle: 45 / 35 Offset: 20mm Target group: 75+ KG I weigh 160 lbs and the board works well for me.
  3. Well, still planning to hit Martock tomorrow night.
  4. I’ve had occasional lower back pain similar to what you describe, brought on by hard heel-side slides/stops that occurred due to proximity of trees or lift pole. I have self-diagnosed as herniated disc. What has worked for me is: 1) rest; 2) planks - front, side, back; 3) once things are feeling better, Roman chair plus continuation of front and side planks. My theory is that by building the muscles on all sides of the discs, once the inflammation has subsided, the muscles will be better able to provide counter-pressure against the compression forces that squeeze discs outward during these really hard stops.
  5. I prefer to listen for the flap of the open-coat straightliner.
  6. Looks like 25 cm exactly
  7. SOLD - Volkl Cross 67. 167 cm. Very versatile all-mtn carver/gen 1 BX In good shape. $US 130 plus shipping more pics available.
  8. Versatile all-mtn/freecarve board in very good shape. Covered in storage wax in pic Price drop: $150 US plus shipping pm me for more pics
  9. I’ll take the 174. Sent you a pm Dave
  10. SkiDad takes great care of his gear. I haven’t ridden this board, but I’ve seen SkiDad carve up icy King’s Landing and Hayburner at Sugarloaf. Even the steepest sections at the bottom. Buy and ride with confidence!
  11. I have one of these. Super versatile, super fun board!
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