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  1. I love this board but never get to use it at my small hill. It’s in very good shape, with lots of base, edge, & camber. Only hand tuned for the 7 or so years I’ve owned it. Not sure if it was base-ground before that. The base is in great shape - storage wax makes it look a bit weird It worked well for me at 165 lbs. Not super stiff, and not a noodle. Pretty damp for a glass board. Binders not included. $US150 plus shipping More pics
  2. Board arrived well-packaged and as described. Buy with confidence.
  3. I’m not in a panic to sell if you want it. You can be first in line.
  4. The third pic in the original post shows the camber in relation to a US penny, which is about 33% taller than a Canadian penny. Seriously though, it has something over a centimetre in camber, which in my experience, F2s retain really well. Plus this board wasn’t ridden that much, owing to me having too many boards (14 at one point). So it has some pop.
  5. Price drop to $US150 for a versatile, lively, all-mtn carver. Storage wax will be scraped off prior to shipping.
  6. When I bought it off a fellow BOLer, it appeared like it may not have even been ridden. I think it is an '05 or '06 model. Specs, as far as I can tell, are approximately: Overall: 1650mm Effective Edge: 1400mm Nose Width: 280.2mm Waist Width: 228mm Tail Width: 280.2mm Sidecut radius: 9m Recom. Stance: 520mm Recom. Angle: 45 / 35 Offset: 20mm Target group: 75+ KG I weigh 160 lbs and the board works well for me.
  7. Well, still planning to hit Martock tomorrow night.
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