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  1. $700 don't make me store it for another summer!
  2. Bump, see revised first post. I have not even touched this board since I posted the add in May 2017!
  3. With your height and weight you will want a STIFF board. There will be lots of leverage coming from your movements.
  4. I always go straight. That's why the boots are angled so much, better aero.
  5. Since when does one guy dictate how alpine riding should look? Bit of a ridiculous statement if you ask me. The day I care what you think of my riding style is the day I dry my boots for good.
  6. Bump. Same price. Only put one additional day on this since initial post.
  7. You might try a steeper cant in the back as an alternative to riding unlocked. Safety issue? Not that I can think of. Loss of power transmission yes, in some capacity.
  8. Last year YYZ wouldn't allow me to purchase F2s from them as Shaun at Donek has the US covered. Will save you the phone call....
  9. The alternative is getting in your car and hand delivering it. Seems cheap now huh...
  10. I too ride a 20.5 stance. I am only 6' tall but have a very long inseam length. Coiler NSR 180, Boiler plate, F2 Ti's. Same board for every condition and I do no change riding style on conditions.
  11. MikeC


    Workshop said exactly what I was thinking. Ride the board with and without, that way you can feel the difference not just imagine it.
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