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  1. That is a great observation. I had noticed the same thing back in my high school football days (long snappers ftw!) I would see so many players clean with some form that I would at best describe as concerning. Sure they cleaned 315 lbs, but they would nearly break their wrists in the process. I think that many fail to realize that these types of lifts have a lot more to do with technique than one would initially think, and tend to get caught up with the numbers, not the process.
  2. @daveo I am actually just returning to snowboarding after an eight year hiatus, and am finally getting into hardbooting like I had always wanted to. I do them for ice hockey and general fitness. I mainly stick to deadlifts, squats, snatches and cleans/ jerk because they require your lower body to function in a more explosive fashion than you would with a squat or a deadlift. I feel that a lot of the core stability and explosiveness that is gained from these exercises translates well to snowboarding, as I haven't noticed much lower body fatigue after riding, or trouble supporting myself while l
  3. I have found that ice hockey goaltending does wonders for leg strength/explosiveness and core stability. Aside from that, just doing the basic lifts and olympic lifting. (and the occasional run!)
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