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  1. Bonjour et bon retour sur neige ! 
    désolé je parle pas anglais 😞

  2. I just found out the Donek shop is 35 minutes from my house! (my location says Vail, but that's where I ride, I lived there in my 20's and bartended, and still have a place there, but I live in Denver) I'm going to set up a time to go meet Sean in person to set up a custom board design, and check out their shop, which will be super cool! I'll take pictures and post them here, if he allows me. After the boot advice, with my skinny heel, I think I'm going to go with the UPZ XC12. They seem like a good balance of stiffness, flex, and comfort. More suited to my free carving style, t
  3. i do have skinny feet, very narrow heel, and 8.5 size. i'm 5'7", 145 lbs, not really built to be a pro racer. Lol!! so I'm hearing UPZ is better for skinny heel? Also, which UPZ model are most people using my style using?
  4. I've been riding a carving board for 20 years. I have an old Burton carving board, and old burton boots. both about 20 years old, i don't know the models off hand. I've been researching new boots, looks like the main options available are Deeluxe, and UPZ, both in various models. I'm not a racer, but i want to be able to get as low to the snow as possible on turns. that's what makes me smile at night. my current boots are uncomfortable in places. they fit well, but they pressure my ankles and shins in certain turns. The Deeluxe 325 looks like a comfortable option, but i worry a
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