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    Burton Ultra prime 169, ultra prime 162, Pj 5, factory prime 162
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    Burton free ride hard boot
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    Burton plate bindings
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  1. When looking at different brands of boots and bindings, do I need to be worried about how boots will fit into another brand of bindings?
  2. Gadwood74 With a quick google search I found some Deeluxe ground control boots on Backcountry.com, what would be your thoughts on this Boa system versus straps? I'm definitely a beginner rider when it comes to alpine so maybe a little forgiveness in the boot wouldn't be a bad thing?
  3. I'm looking for hard boots in MP 28.5-29.5 I wear a size 11.5/12.0 shoe. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as some of you on here from what I've read in other posts so I'm not sure what exactly I need. My main ride is a Burton Ultra Prime 162 with Burton race plate bindings, and an older set of Burton Free Ride hard boots in size 27.5 I do not know what size the liners are but they crush my feet. Thank you all in advance!!! Picture for attention.
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