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    Kessler 185 Gs x2
    Kessler 165 sl
    Donek Ryan Knapton twin 170cm
    Dynastar speedzone 17 168cm x6
    Rossignals hero gold elite 167 cm x2
    Rossignals hero 13 167 cm x3
    Salomon enduros 170 cm
    Rossignals experience 88 185 cm

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    Deluxe 425 track pros
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    F2 race titanium
    Kesslers all have apex plates
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  1. Hi I also have deluxe trak 425 for sale in 29.5 I wear 11.5 shoes as well
  2. Selling my deluxe boots with original packaging. Used for one season. Size 29.5 325 Canadian +shipping
  3. Hi there looking for good condition allflex plates let me know if you have any to sell or know of anyone who has some to sell!!!!!
  4. Anyone have any allflex plates or know someone with some for sale! Let me know!!!
  5. This is my first time commenting on this forum. I started skiing 12 years ago and enjoyed it a lot. I started skiing 6 days a week three years ago at a small hill in Ontario Called Brimacombe with only 300 ft vertical. I had always seen people on alpine boards, I had always really wanted to try it. It wasn’t until the winter of 2019 when I decided I wanted to try snowboarding, this decision came from starting to get bored of skiing. I felt like I couldn’t really improve any more and the hill was getting boring after skiing there so much. I was very lucky to get a great deal on a used Kessler f
  6. Hey is this still available?
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