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  1. Hey, I'm trying to get myself up with a hardboot set up. I was gifted a Pogo Shaman, and just bought some used UPZ10's off ebay (oops). I was curious if anybody had some bindings they think would work well for me. I took the 185 out with a softboot set up and was horribly humbled by a sloppy powder day. I understand that i will be humbled again by this learning process, but was curious if you all had any suggestions/equipment that you think would help me on my path. Thanks!
  2. Hey moosehead what are you asking for your f2 bindings? What are their condition? I wear a 29 mp, so not sure if they fit. thanks tim
  3. Snurfer1982


    Hey treebeard, im interested in your f2s. I was given a pogo shaman a couple years back, and just picked up some upzs, so I need a mount. no intense racing, just trying to get into the free carving world. could you ship early this week? I’m in Napa, Ca. Wine trade? thanks tim 7073121617
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