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    2018 Prior WCRS 177
    2019 Prior 4WD 173
    2013 F2 Speedster RS Worldcup 185
    2011 F2 Speedster GTS Equipe 166 <retired>
    2008 F2 Speedster RS 177 <sold>
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    Head Stratos Pro M27.5 + Intuition Pro Wrap
    Deluxe Track 325 M27.5 <retired>
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    (4x) F2 Race Titanium, 60/60 deg
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  1. Today I've got contacted over PM by just-registered, 0-post, empty profile user Kinsje in respect my old "In Search Of" posting. He referred to another alleged forum member davi754 who supposedly has the part I need, and provided his phone number. I've contacted the latter person, and he wanted $150 for preowned $30-part. But then I did member search over all possible combinations of "davi754" and couldn't find anybody. Thinking about it all, such combination of factors is rather impossible in normal situation. So my understanding at this point is this: - someone is scanning through random forums looking for "ISO" postings; - registers, sends PM referring to another fake forum user to build trust, gives his own cell phone; - negotiates fake deal (not even knowing right price point as we see), receives money, disappears with no trace. As a side note, some other forums I'm part of, require new user to have certain amount of postings and the profile filled to certain minimum with validated email before he can send PMs (although still not a guarantee against fraud). Be aware everyone !
  2. Thanks for the pointer. Unless somebody wants to monetize his unused stuff, that's the way I'll go.
  3. This one: Intec conversion leftovers, anyone ?
  4. Some talking on technique and training from olympic winner: One confusing thing however - he says gaining speed in turns, which I think is actually opposite.
  5. Short stylish promo (full video didn't come out though). Easy recreational GS on shallow slope. Pro racer (Manabu Kobayashi ?) test-riding JJ 180GS:
  6. Walk mode. Main reason is that it gives much greater range of motion up-down and forth-back, which I think is essential for efficient technique, maneuverability and switching riding styles. Also, I do 60/60 setup, so most edge pressure is generated off steering with knees / pushing sideways, so with reasonable boots forth-back ankle stiffness, it doesn't feel compromised at all. Meanwhile, locking the boots results in constantly fighting against them when trying to move COG or load/unload the board. Ride mode would probably be beneficial for more aggressive binding angles, like 45/45 or steeper. But then it's completely different body mechanics.
  7. This one: Intec conversion leftovers, anyone ?
  8. Back to business. $300 full set. Optionally adding Track 325 Mondo 28 (US 10.5), decent condition, +$100 Nice first timer full setup cheaper than new board alone.
  9. Yes, still looking for the new home. Shipping to France would be economically unreasonable though. Somehow overlooked your answer. If you already have decent experience, then yes, longer is the way to go.
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