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  1. Sounds great. Love to hook up this Summer, drink a beer, share some board porn, etc . . . Sorry about carpooling. Yeah, I’m usually headed out from HR in the Winter.
  2. Sorry to hear about your back, Dan. Had mine operated on 3 years ago and about 17 years ago. Seems good now. I live in Portland near the Japanese Tea Garden, but we have a house in Hood River and are there most weekends. I never seem to stop boarding as my kids drag me up to Palmer, but they are in training camps this year so I can skip it. Expensive hassle for 1-2 hours of reasonable boarding between the ice and slush. I mostly windsurf now through Fall. Love to hook up. My e-mail is schindlj@ohsu.edu if you ever want to swap numbers and meet up for a beer. John has my contact info as well. Josh
  3. John and other NW hard booters— thought I’d say hello. Pretty new to this social media stuff, but I’ve been enjoying learning through a number of the threads. To those I don’t know, I’m Josh and have ridden a couple times (far less than I’d like) with John this Winter at Meadows. I’m pretty much a fixture up there with 2 kids on racing teams (ski). Love to get up and carve some with you guys up at Timberline. My kids have several weeks of ski camps there this Summer. Spring pass may be a bit rich for me this year as I sprung for a Meadows Gold Pass, but had one of my best days on a Father’s Day at Timberline a year or two ago.
  4. Hope you have a great trip. Thanks for getting BOL back up and running. Your service has been incredibly good. Josh
  5. Sean and crew— Sorry to have missed this. In Vail laying some very deep trenches. John, love to hook up in PDX and play with the Bomber plate. Love to hook up for some gates soon. We’re up all weekend Presidents Day. Gonna bring a smaller board unless you set a SG. Josh
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