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    49 Degree North
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    two AWD Priors, F2 BoarderX, Jones free ride, Rossignol Half Gun
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    Just retiring Burton Wind and moving on to UPZ RC12
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    TD1 step-ins
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  1. Hey Bob,

    Have not been on site in years and stumbled across some of your vids.

    Riding in the Upper Left US these days. Mt. Spokane, 49 degrees north, silver mountain. Great winters here, no snow in the city, but plenty in the mountains. Do miss Buck though!


    Mark Skoine

    1. bobble


      hey mark!

      good to hear from you! so you moved out to Spokane? are you retired?

      buck is not the same anymore... way too many ski teams racing. moguls. jacked up lift tickets. rumors about bankruptcy loom.

      i'm practically the last man standing on sunday mornings. there's only one other hardbooter besides myself but most of the time he's on skis.


  2. Looks like new to me, but bought years ago and won't fit. Deeluxe Indy size 27 boots intec compatible $200 plus shipping
  3. Greetings! I just pulled out of my closet a Mondo 27 pair of Intec compatible Deeluxe Indy boots that, to me, look like they've not seen any use. Not sure why I have them, as I need a 28. I'd sell these for $200 plus shipping. Shoot me a message at emd301@gmail.com for pix. Am having trouble posting on this listing. Thanks for looking!
  4. Just posted an f2 speedcross 165cm on for sale board.
  5. F2 SpeedX just tuned in like new condition. $275 plus shipping 165cm, base .5 degree, side 3 degree
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