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  1. Hilarious- love that you got this Daveo! Definitely miss my Seinfeld!
  2. Lighter weights with higher reps 3x week and cardio the other 3 days with one day off. Also, One Wheel....so much fun!!
  3. Q's

    Mt Bachelor

  4. Where the hell did everyone go? I never see carvers anymore! I might be going up tomorrow if anyone can join. Coming back from injuries so taking to slow here:)
  5. After several of years on hiatus due to injuries, I’m back and loving it! You wanna get nuts...let’s get nuts! Coiler 165 CBXFR- Huge props to BV for building this epic bored! And thanks to Mr. E for letting me borrow his top sheet Virus 168 FLP AFT Avalanche Carbon- thanks Paul! Kessler Alpine 168- Ivan, you are the man..and yes you are correct, loving the white! My wife is going to kill me!
  6. Hi everyone- finally found this forum! I was a regular back in the BOL days! Coming back from years of injuries-Long story short-I need some help here. For the first time in my life I will have to buy new boots on-line as all my local shops are wiped out! What is the best stiff boot for a narrow foot? Currently my foot measures 28.5/AA with 29 arch length. I was trying to look for insanos as I’ve heard good things, but not sure if they are good for a narrow foot. My setup will be the Union Atlas FC bindings and BV is currently building a new Contra BXFR for me if this helps. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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