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  1. Does anyone have feedback on the UPZ RC11's? I am looking to order a pair this week. My concerns: - Are they any stiffer than the RC10's? - Is a stiffer cuff (grey) advisable for aggressive free carving? - Is the stock liner sufficient or is an upgrade the way to go? If so, any recommendations on a liner? - Is the fit true to size? I am an MP28. - Any other recommendations for this boot when ordering? THANX!
  2. Thank you bruincounselor. So I take it the 700 can be easily retrofit with a BTS system?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find reviews on the Track 700? I am ready to buy new boots and can't justify the insane cost of the .951's so looking for reviews on the Track 700 and the UPZ RC11. I am primarily a free carver with occasional racing and an easy to fit size 27.5-28mp. Using Bomber TD3 SW on 20cm waist boards. And yeah, I hate that the 700's do not have a spring system like a BTS! How do they expect to sell these with that old school forward lean adjust??
  4. Just wanted to post a very belated but sincerely HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who replied my original post. So much great feedback from such an awesome and helpful community! So after all that feedback and lots of research, I wound up ordering a Coiler Nirvana Energy 168cm for free carving (most of what I do) and a used SG Full Race 163cm for racing. Also picked up a couple pair of used Bomber TD3's via the Alpine Snowboard Trader FB page. Now just waiting for cold air and precip to try out my new rides. In the meantime, need to decide on new boots and have narrowed the choice to either the DeeLuxe Track 700's or the UPZ RC11. Ruled out the Mountainslope .951's as I can't seem to justify the cost, especially given that a decent liner would increase that cost to $1,250+. I would appreciate any feedback on the Track 700's and the RC11's which I would use primarily for free carving and occasional racing. I am a MP28 boot and fairly easy to fit foot with no unique needs. My only concern with the Track 700 is the lack of a spring system on the back of the boot and with the RC11 I question the real need for a 5-buckle boot. It is difficult to find reviews on either boot (or hard boots in general) so all feedback is welcome. So happy to have the Bomber Forum back up and running!!
  5. Been riding my beloved Burton Ultra Prime 162 (with Burton Wind hard boots & Burton Step-In plate bindings) since 2000 and finally ready to step up to modern gear. Looking at new or recent model Donek and SG boards but have seen nothing in the way of comparison reviews. In fact, I see nothing on SG boards anywhere. I'd love to get some feedback on both from anyone in the know. I am 175 lbs, 5'-10", goofy-foot, love to ride hard and fast, spend most time on east coast hard-pack & ice and have been riding alpine boards since 1995. Still boot shopping but ready to get a pair of TD3 Sidewinder SI's for the new set-up and considering anything from 162cm-175cm in one the following: Donek: Rev, Proteus or MK SG: Full Race Titan or Full Carve Thank you in advance to anyone with feedback, advice, etc! So ready to bite the bullet!
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