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  1. Oh i get now lol. Cheers just never heard that saying, makes sense now though ??
  2. Ye i'd like to know what the 'sneaker in the clothes dryer' is too lol
  3. Ive never hard booted, maybe shud give it a try so i have a more all round knowledge and can relate better
  4. What about on a normal board, what angles people riding then?
  5. Im taking it all you's are on carving boards with them angles?
  6. Just wanted to put it out there see what people ride, when all mountain riding!!
  7. Live in the UK so Europe, billty. Spent a week in Austria in December, but looking like the next time ill be away is beginning of Feb ?
  8. Cheers lamby ive have a recently brought a salomon ultimate ride but haven't took it the mountain yet but sounds like a great all round board from what ibe read and reviews & billyt. Let us know how you got on?
  9. The season is about to get in full swing, 5 weeks till my first week up the mountain ?️? and i can not wait. Anyone had any decent days in the snow already i know a few areas have had some early snow? As Ryan Knapton would say 'Happy Shreadin' everyone ??
  10. Just brought a salomon Assassin Pro for my all mountain board only rid it in the local snow cemtre but feels great. Anyone had one or been on one? Thoughts
  11. Just used a cork, safe to say I've used arm muscles i haven't for a while ?
  12. A few things to try from all the comments back nice 1,
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