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  1. BlueB, sorry the previous person took it. Mellow Yellow, Proteus is gone as well but the Monster is a steel and and a blast to ride.
  2. Literally used one day. Was and still is one of my favorite boards!!! Kids love the top-sheet!
  3. Donek Proteus Length: 171 Sidecut: 11m Waist: 18cm NEW! Used one day and flawless. Retail price is $1,200! Proteus is the Green board if you can't figure it out.
  4. Monster sidewall data. 182 M20 010 PR1-6246 Base in perfect shape and topcoat in good shape with a few normal scratches and scuffs. Estimated about 20 days of riding and with job relo to SoCal, no more riding for a while so I am selling my quiver. Monster is the blue board on the left. $250 + Shipping which is a bargain!
  5. Red board in the pics. Also have another listing of the other boards as well as the Nirvana that I am selling but starting individual threads for each board. Stats: 178 long Nirvana Free Carve Vcam made 2014 for me and I have only ridden it about 10 times at most. Flawless shape and amazing board. Moved to SoCal and no longer able to ride. Flex 6.1 ( suit ~ 180 lbs ish) +10 decamber
  6. I took the liner out and on the inside of the shell it states 325 and below 28.8 and on the front of the toe shows MO 28, EU 9, US 10, F43. Not sure if this helps?
  7. I had no idea other than it rides amazing and is one of the best boards made. Donek and Coiler!!!
  8. Will sell for $300 each. Have two pairs! Best binding ever the TD3 Sidewinders with step-in.
  9. Great shape Deeluxe 700 boots with the step-in heels and the BTS setup. US size 10, EUR 43.0. $150 + shipping Phil
  10. Coiler VSR Specs per the sidewall data. No idea what these mean. T178 NFC VC 014PR-61410 Monster sidewall data. 182 M20 010 PR1-6246
  11. Bruce does have the markings on his boards which I will follow-up with today. The Monster is the blue board in the middle.
  12. Selling my quiver including boots due to a job relocation to Southern California. Taking up surfing. Coiler Monster in good condition but does have a few topcoat scratches. Coiler VSR in prefect shape. Used about 10x at most. Donek Proteus flawless, used only once (literately!) is the original carving board and still one of the best. Two (2) pair TD3 Sidewinder Step-in's - the best binding on the planet! Deeluxe Boots, size 11.5. Will add pics shortly with details. First reasonable offer accepted and will have to ship from SoCal. Thanks, Phil
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