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  1. Here, we talk of this so called mat zen. Heady reading for riding a blowup pool toy. http://www.ukmatsurfers.com/henry-hester/
  2. Dang guys. Thank you for this input. I can't wait to get there, rain and all. You'll find me at the most green run up top of Ajax. Back to letting the board ride itself. You know in mat surfing, the same thing applies. If you force it, bend it, concave it or try to overly shape the mat it will bite you and come to a stop. If you go limp, drop your shoulders and let the mat do its job, it will go faster than anything on the water. Average ability mat surfers constantly have to "reset" and let the zen thing happen. Be the mat. Be the board. Be the mountain. I do get it. Can't wait for this Tuesday. Thank you oh great Beckman and I'll do the bunny thing Corey. I promise.
  3. Thanks guys. Yes this is been a come back here for me after 19 years off. I've tried a number of boards boots and bindings and have ended up with 2 Doneks a Legacy 165 and Flux 170. Bryan has set me up with two TD2 bindings, one step in and split for rear step in on both boards. Deluxee 225s. See pic. I've been fortunate enough to ride Mammoth, Summit, June, Park City, Aspen, and another trip to Aspen this coming week Tuesday through Friday. My text is 760-846-6800. A big reason for coming out to Aspen is to try to shake this "carve monkey" I've got on my back. My carve is there but a 3 inch wide swath the needs to be trimmed into a pencil thin groove that I just really haven't been able to attain all year. So working close with Carlo, Mark, Lance, MartinD, PaulP, JG and JimC I owe it to these guys to get it nailed down before I lose sleep all summer.
  4. Got everything booked again. 11-5th
  5. Thanks Jim, having big trouble with the flight insurance so I may come out anyway. H
  6. Yeah I had plans that put me in Aspen downtown, no car with PB&J sandwiches. I know Aspen Mountain will be open til the 17th but my heart was set on the Milk.
  7. "Highlands and Buttermilk will close Sunday afternoon as scheduled, and Ajax and Snowmass will shut down next Sunday ..." Bummer, I'm out.
  8. Yes. That is the plan. Toe and heal in on Ridge Run (Milk) here I come.
  9. Easy. Fine line tracks and no slide on G & B runs. Pretty simple to most here but a definite mental physical block to me. Thus this soul searching trip on my own (with a little help from my friends).
  10. Decided to get out to Aspen/ButterMilk for a spring solo training trip. Got to get this carve monkey off my back. Almost there but not quite. I'll be on the Peanut&Jelly tour mostly at Milk. Anyone up for a ride let me know. Text 7608466800
  11. There is a big carving demo fun event at June this Fri, Sat and Sunday. See the Southern California Board on this Forum or... In "events" search for "California (June) Carver Classic" on Facebook.
  12. After about 30 years on snowboards mostly in hard boots I find the same thing. I'm so frustrated that I can't get that trench dug in. I went to Aspen this year 2016 and I'm pretty sure I didn't do one carve on the best equipment you can get. The point is and what leads back to the premise of this thread is that yes it is hard, yes it takes talent, yes it takes years to define and at 64 years old it's actually where I want to be when I'm 70.
  13. Funny thing for me that after a 19 year hiatus I have gotten back into it at 64 years old and I'm totally stoked.
  14. Left Flux 170 X 21.5 can't wait to try it. Right Legacy 165 X 23.5
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