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  1. Would you have any pictures to send me. 

    I am interested

    Sort of new to bomber online so let me know if this is the best way to communicate.


  2. Is this board still available

    Prior ATV (171cm x 10M SCR x 23.5cm)


  3. I have a Prior 4WD 174 if still looking.



    1. jim66666



      What is the waist width, condition, and price.

  4. How wide is the board. Thanks.
  5. Hi  I'd say not for a beginner.   I have a 180 Kessler race and this Donek  is just as stiff.  I was having to use 110% to keep up with it and I was pushing 190# last year.  What were you going to use it for? A full time carver or an all around board. Mostly carving and some off trail or fluff.  What size boots?   I have two Coilers I was thinking of selling be hadn't made up mind.  A 2006 175cm  Race carve   20cm wide  14m side cut  and a 2007  180cm  race carve II  18.5 waist 14m .  Both are glass boards that have about 25 days on them never ground .  Both would be great for 200#  beginner.  I'v loaned them to another simi beginner  after he show he could handle a 178 Burton Factor Prime almost couldn't get it back after two runs.  I'd be look for $425 shipped  I could send pics If your interested.

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