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  1. I will take them. DM sent
  2. Can you post or send more pics. Interested
  3. I am looking for help getting information on a board. I have contacted Donek but, have not heard back from them. This was a purchase off of Craigslist and it had been spray painted black. I carefully removed the paint and this is what I uncovered. Would like to know if anyone here knows this board. Says "No Friends On Powder Days" NFOPD on the board.
  4. I will give you $125 for it.  for your 

    Nidecker 158 SL

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. johnfm43


      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I will take it.

      Send me an address and I will send you money.  I will work on getting it, I live in Red Bluff, CA. 96080. 


    3. johnfm43


      You can text me 530-737-7585

    4. DrSnow


      Hey. Sorry.  I was in the middle of the move and didn't get a chance to jump back on the website to see this message. A buddy came over and took it off my hands already. Sorry. 

  5. How much you looking for these boards?  

    1. CallanCS


      Selling all three for $2600 or $900 each.

    2. johnfm43


      These are fantastic boards, but unfortunately above our price range. Thanks 

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