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  1. Certainly will if so. Wasn’t aware of this site when I posted the board for sale on eBay. I lost touch since the Bomberonline and Freecarve days. Had attended ECES a couple years and enjoyed the Carving Community. Best Wishes we get to enjoy a full season.
  2. Yes. It does have the brass inserts and none are stripped. Basic tune and it will be ready to go. Board is currently at $242.50 with 12 watchers and 7 days to go.
  3. It’s listed on eBay. I can’t forward the link without they ability to edit it from my account.. Good luck.
  4. The thing itself. Happy to help all you New Schoolers..
  5. Just listed this Iconic Snowboard on eBay. Hope its okay to post here. Thanks to all. Looking forward to reconnecting. Thanks.
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