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  1. Another cameo :D https://www.instagram.com/p/B5j38_5oyrs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Calle


    Surprised i managed it aswell I think the explanation is that i am twisting going from toeside to heelside because of not wanting to end up in the trees So much of the momentum is towards the camera and the nose is just scraping snow until the edge gets enough grip. Also the hill goes from crest to quite steep so the pressure on the nose seems to be decreasing from pic 2 to 3.
  3. Calle


    More spray or trying a bit to hard
  4. When i rode softboots i forced the knee inwards on heelsides. It was the way i found out worked to get the hip over the board for heelsides with the low angles. Never felt any problem with the knees. More that the gear i was using was inadequate. Might not have been correct but it was before youtube etc. and worked.
  5. The riding looks solid but when comparing your video with videos of riding i'd want to imitate it looks too controlled or easy. I want more speed, more fall line (less carving across the hill), more power, less static riding the turn until speed bleeds out and faster edge changes. When you achieve this you are probably a world cup rider but anyways
  6. So board arrived, a little narrow waist for my taste, 196 mm or something. Looks like 0,5 mm titanal. No more inserts, just regular ones (the magnet trick doesn't work on any of my boards...) So looks like it's the older version (2016?) and the never ones got allflex inserts. Looks like a bargain.
  7. Have not received the board yet. Hopefully there is snow left
  8. I have a ++ model, Like it in powder but the lack of edge in the nose makes me fall on my ass going of the lift and it behaves somewhat nervous when carving it. My old F2 eliminator and Tanker carves much better.
  9. Any chance of more inserts hiding under the topsheet? The raceboars was obviously using allflex and also had a 5x2 insert pack on the pictures i have found. And then there's the "non race" which have 6x2 inserts?
  10. Just bought the board of Ebay. Can't find much info. Seems to be a modern shape and there seems to be titanal in it according to the internet. http://i-carve.com/elan_ballistic_sl
  11. Some might have seen that the plate in question was cracked in several places. Anyways now its somewhat reparied and the duckbill is cut. No patience to make it look good.
  12. I can check later maybe someone else knows. The Apex V1 has the least stance width atleast and i would believe the Bomber V1 is second and V2 has the most stance width. The apex is the only one limiting my stance at 51,5 cm. But more in the sense of the inserts beeing shifted to much to the front.
  13. 5 mm V1 Version: 5mm V2 Version: I have both the V1 version and the V2 version 5mm. There's no big difference but given the choice i would choose the V2. My apex plate i softer than both of the bomber plates. At 90 kg i prefer that one over the bomber plates. I would guess that all the 4 mm and light versions is based on the V2.
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