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  1. Great business w seller. Board in great shape exactly as described and packaged bulletproof.
  2. Black Friday deal. I pulled the trigger on an XR. I figure it's worth it, being able to ride all year. Pavement near me is spotty, so riding my longboard isn't as much fun. I'm super excited!
  3. Backhill, Cruise, Kelley Extreme, PJ7 (the first one), Mystery. Those were the days, saving up from mowing lawns, driving up to the factory before the catalog even showed up. I even remember when they debuted the disc system, if you wrote him a letter with the calculation of possible stances they sent a handmade necklace of twine and a slice of a branch with a B burned on it. I'm still hanging on to my Alp 7.1 and ride it when I am looking to goof around. Thanks Jake.
  4. Gorgeous view! Thanks for the input. I was definitely leaning toward xr, as most of my intended rides are packed dirt or grass and the pint just seemed like not enough deck. I'm 6'4, 185, size 11ish and I worried about squirrelly nature of the pint. I keep checking their site for black Friday announcements.. but figure if I dropped 1200 on a donek, what, 300 on td3s, same on boots, sometimes a lift ticket, I can sure justify 2000 on a summer board. Just wanted to be sure I'm getting the right one. Been watching videos for years, it's time to pull the trigger.
  5. Considering one of these, if the black Friday deal looks good. Anybody with experience able to compare xr and pint? I know neither will be the same as laying down a carve, but is one closer to it? Any input about what you would choose, ignoring the cost difference?
  6. Thank you for getting this forum back up and running, and Corey for getting the alternative running to keep us together!
  7. Yes please! I've been scouring for a good carving learning board for my son in the 155-165 range but can't drop multiple hundreds. He can't handle my 17x's.
  8. Briefly, as a fellow east coaster, I found the Rev far more suited to me than the proteus. Variable scr, more stable. I kept getting back on the 180 (11.5-20?). Felt like I was going over the nose of the 168, 185 was giant sized, 170 too soft, 175 was fair. Btw, I'm 180, 6'4. The Rev and I enjoyed long strolls through the meadow and quick cuts through the narrows. Match made in heaven.
  9. Payment sent. But, size 28.5 is like a tight 11. I am between 28 and 28.5, and depending on the shoe, 10.5-11.
  10. Lucasgo


    Still trying to figure details... I signed my daughter up for their full day camp, which is amazing for the kids, on Thursday the 18th (Wednesday is our travel day). Trouble is, my friend (where we were going to stay!) in Somersworth, is now in the ER at MGH. Trying to salvage the trip, as I really want my daughter to get the camp. I am still expecting to be there the 18th though. I hope. If you're there and want to try meeting up, send me a message! 5eight5 7five0 1zero7two I wish I were around more, but since moving out of NH and having kids, I can only get up there a couple times. If you're ever in upstate NY, I'd could meet up!
  11. Lucasgo


    Heading to Bretton Woods around the 18th... any insight on conditions, current favorite trails, etc? I usually head there or WV this time of year and I'm normally a fan of McIntire and Bode over on Rosebrook side, or Starr over on West side.
  12. Practice skating. Flexed bent front leg for absorbing what comes, and get your balance. I like pushing off before the rest of the people on the lift. Maybe my board and bindings are right, maybe it's the experience, but I don't drift or track, so I don't use stomp pads. Far more fun to swing that back leg around, flailing and kicking so nobody runs over my board. I've had the experience of getting boot stuck under the chair during dismount, don't really want to do that. Clipping in toe bails is still a zillion times faster than straps. Tip - heel side down the mountain and dig in that edge (standing still, across the fall line) makes it a lot easier to engage heel bail and thus clip in as well.
  13. http://forums.bomberonline.com/index.php?/topic/42508-for-sale-deeluxe-track-325-t-boots/#entry432298 This looks perfect for you.
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