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  1. Holy crap Boidy, the holiest of all holies in oz?
  2. Yep Ohau's road is pretty full on as well. And the Remarkables road is just as scary. Treble cones saddle basin has insane terrain, I was lucky enough to be on the old double chair in 97 when that years world extreme champ was coming down every time I was going up. What I saw that sunny spring day changed me forever and opened my eyes up to what seemed impossible was totally do-able (In the right conditions) and the guy was using K2 clickers! http://www.treblecone.com/mountain-info/about-treble-cone/trail-maps/
  3. Hi Alan, Do you ever get to ride at treble cone? If any one is reading this that has not heard of TC check out the trail maps. its a great ski area with one of the gnarliest access roads that gets your adrenaline going before you even get your boots on!
  4. Hi Ted, My UPZ boots took 3-4 weeks from Canada to Australia. It was the Aussie side that slowed things up. It took 2 weeks to get from the main postal centre here to my local one.
  5. Used to be a case of "whatever ain't broke"
  6. We got a ride board!
  7. Hey St Lupo, God your a good writer! Talk about bringing back memories of learning to deal with plates. The ultimate for me as beginner was to lock in while on the lift. Talk about a cool off-load! I could only do it on an empty chair though on the right hand side. Another pearler is, if your on your bum do a ninja side roll to get to toe side and be on your knees. Way easier than trying to stand heel side.
  8. Wow man! You are going to have a ball. You have trained 25 years for this. Can't wait to hear how it goes. The only advice I could give you is that if you start sketching on a backside carve (being natural) just turn your head to the left a bit more. It was the best advice I was ever given. Have a blast and convert 10 people.
  9. When I got my upz boots sent down here they came with 2 magnetic cards. With pics of 2 sponsored racers on them. They are on the lid inside my tool box. So every morning at work they are one of the first things I see? Spurs me on!
  10. Hi all, I was around in the 90's in kiwi land and there were heaps of us. Treble cone had at least 25 season pass holders who were full time dole bludging alpine free riders. The other mountains had around the same numbers (maybe more) I have got back into it now my kids are old enough to learn to ski. But have had to suffer in soft boots on my 182 tanker. Until this year that is. I got the upz and sno pro's sent from Dan Yoja and I have found a custom built coiler in Melbourne. Made for the same height and weight as I am! (From a member here) who is now my best friend. I saw one hardbooter last year at Perisher and was stoked to see how many people on the chairs turned to watch him defeat the g's. I spoke with the crusty old ski tech on the mountain and he said he tunes around 5 boards a year if he is lucky. I want to see an Aussie SES organised here. Put your hands up fellow ANZACS and we will dig down to the dirt!
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