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  1. Hey Johnny, perhaps you are not going to find Aspen condition but you will be able to find enough snow to have fun. Go to Sprinboard or Blue Line in Blackcomb, usually the snow at the end of Blue Line is one of the best you can find even in the worst condition.I went last week and was able to link some carved lines, try Green Line from the top of Seven Heaven to the bottom of the Nitendo Park and take the Catskiner chair up, snow stay carveable until 1-2, depending of how busy is the day. This green line is a good plan B when the grooms are gone in Springboard. If you really like to carve in your snowboard you will be able to have fun even when condition aren't the best. Enjoy. F
  2. Hi Boris, How is life: better since we have snow coming from the sky. I've got boots from Roy already, in two weeks I am running the Seattle marathon, after that I will be ready for my first ride of the year, be looking for you in Cypress. In contac FM
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