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    Currently... Haleakala :D
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    physicist / surf bum
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    Donek 182, and a 200 that scares me
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    Deeluxe Track 700's
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    TD1's drilled for rear step in, holding strong
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  1. Heya carving crew! Hypothetically, if you were semi-retired and had $2m to buy a big house somewhere awesome in the US Rockies for you and your family and friends, and especially loved laying turns on high quality snow in the springtime (Feb into May) on perfect steep groomers, but were a little scared of skiers and boarders straight lining it down on top of you so wanted to avoid crowds, where would you live and ride? (Not too far from an airport would also be nice) Currently I’m thinking house in Salt Lake City, Basalt, Aspen, or Summit County CO, and riding Solitude, Snowbird, Park City, Snowmass, Buttermilk, Copper, Keystone, or A-Basin. So far I’ve lived in and loved Summit County but found Aspen and Utah to be a little less crowded… but I would love to hear some wisdom (or foolishness) from this forum! Thanks! -Garrett
  2. Shopping for new vans as we speak...
  3. Ha, thanks for bringing the memories back. Between talking about A-Basin and McDougall's Alaskan seafood, you guys are making it harder to stay away. I keep looking at my kiteboard in the corner though... it's needy.
  4. Snowboarding is my only chance to wear it.
  5. Hey Kids, Yah, I'm a flakey BOL member, but I still fly the colors, and get out and carve a few weeks a year. The kitesurfing on Maui has been too good during the winter to leave. I expect I'll be in Tahoe again for a week in February, and some aerospace engineers invited me to give a keynote for their conference in Big Sky in March; in exchange for lift tickets -- woot! Every once in a while I think about making it out for another SES... but if you knew how much fun kitesurfing in Maui is in the winter, you'd understand. It's not like I'm missing SES because I'm behind a desk. :D I do miss it though, so I'll come back to the fold eventually... and maybe do another season in the Rockies. Best, Garrett P.S. Michelle, I wouldn't have believed me either. And I think Ken still doesn't believe me -- heh. P.P.S. Latest physics is going well.
  6. Have to do something in the summer to keep from getting bored out of my mind -- thought I'd give this little physics problem a shot.
  7. I think the AF600's are the same as the Deeluxe Suzuka. A local guy is talking to me about these boots though -- so I'm going to give him first shot at them. I'll get back to you if they become available though. Sorry to get your hopes up. They just have the standard heel (but are built to take intec) and no liners.
  8. Hey gabrielo, I've got a pair of Raichle AF600 shells available, mondo 27. They're well used, but mechanically sound. One of the strap clamps needs to be pressed when you use it, but it works. I'm still using the liners I had in them, so you'd have to get your own liners for them. There's also a small hole drilled in the side of the right boot for an intec cable. Not sure what they're worth, $100 I think? I'll upload pics if you want.
  9. For Sale: Donek 185 FreeCarve I ("bomb" model) 12.5m sidecut 18.5cm waist clear top coat see Sean's specs for the 185 Bomb FC at: http://www.donek.com/specs.htm Excellent condition, one and a half years old. $425 Pictures here: http://sifter.org/~aglisi/donek/ Riding this board is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I'm only selling it because I left Colorado and don't know when I'll be able to ride again -- when I am coming back to the snow I'll be ordering another board from Sean just like this one. But it doesn't make sense to leave it in a closet for what might be years, so it's up for sale. -Garrett Lisi Gar@Lisi.com
  10. For Sale: Donek 185 FreeCarve I ("bomb" model) 12.5m sidecut 18.5cm waist clear top coat Very good condition, one year old, fairly high mileage, but has good camber and only minor scrapes and scratches -- a very light base grind would have it good as new. $400 plus shipping of your choice from Summit County, Colorado Pictures here: http://sifter.org/~aglisi/donek/ Riding this board is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I was lucky enough to win a new Donek at this year's Summit Expression Session, and I just got a new board from Sean that's very similar. I really can't justify having two, so I'm selling this one. -Garrett Lisi Gar@Lisi.com
  11. Yes -- I suspect that's because I have my weight back on the tail at the end of the turn, to spring me through the transition, then load up the nose at the next turn initiation. Is that considered "bad form"? -G
  12. What a blast that was last week! So many carvers laying trenches down the hill at once was mind blowing. Thanks especially to Fin and Michelle for making it happen another year. I had the good fortune of hooking up with Lowell Hart on the Beaver Creek day and he shot some video... first time I've seen myself ride. So, being narcissistic as hell, I put the clips together into a 7Meg Quicktime movie: Garrett having fun. Donek 185 FC1, Bomb model. :) (No photographers were harmed during the filming, despite appearances.)
  13. - Garrett - From... here? I'm instructing at Breckenridge, in plates if you can believe it. - I'll probably just make the Summit days -- Wed at Beaver and the Spruce, Thurs at the Basin, and the dinner on Friday. - W00t! Looking forward to laying some nice S with other carvers. - Pics, hmm... If you see a carver in a lab coat, the odds are pretty good that's me. Oh, and I'm pimping out my house in Frisco again. So if you're coming up and still need a place to stay in Summit, send me some email. (Gar at Lisi.com) I'm asking for a $25 rent contribution per night, or equivalent trade. Lots of room. Beds. Hot tub. :)
  14. Kevin, come stay at my Frisco house again! No rent contribution required if you bring fish like last time -- that rocked. :) -Garrett
  15. My Levels are the best gloves I've owned. Mine came with biomex, but I didn't like it so took it out. I don't usally fall more than a few inches anyway. :) ALL gloves wear through with enough hand dragging -- the answer is to apply copious quantities of Shoe-goo. But don't inhale too much of that stuff, yikes.
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