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  1. https://www.ski.ru/az/blogs/post/kak-kontrolirovat-skorost-v-rezanom-povorote-epizod-1-fizicheskii-mekhanizm-kontrolya-skorosti-pri-chistom-karvinge/ Im sorry but its russian language. Or google translate or ask your local guys translate it. This is very good article with answer to the question.
  2. This is the cause why racers now carving much better than fc guys.
  3. It wrote above "racers control turn size just by edge/board angle" (c) "Racers mostly do very clean carving" (c) now won of a race who doing more clean carving
  4. http://oes.cat/images/radius/realradius.jpg
  5. We sale full binding complectation included cant spacers. We do not remove any parts from a box for sale it separate. All what put F2 to the box will be inside. Please do not ask this question if it possible.
  6. I never heard about import fees from our USA customers
  7. Here a lot of guys who got it from us. They need to know answer to this question.
  8. Looked. No way for our logo. Our work is more thin. But in any case thanks for advice. Uploaded some of our materials.
  9. We continue publish videos. Today ski base cut. Tomorrow titanal cut (guys marked a table after your words). Day after tomorrow....
  10. The room need to have stable humidity & temperature. It's enough. We have special table where each day special guy fixed humidity & temperature inside this room. Both a/c have control humidity function. Plus extra humidifier.
  11. Any kind of helpful tips is good and wellcome
  12. Its new building. More space. We going now from old to new. Old has a wall rolls and marked floor.
  13. yes, of course it will to have sub-text. one video have it. other unnecessary
  14. We started post videos about production process. https://www.facebook.com/groups/oessnowboards/
  15. We have it but shipping is high. 30 EUR for advantage need to take anything else. bindings, boots, board. for board can offer some discount and free shipping
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