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  1. INTEC bindings & heels will have available from October. At our stock now _only_ "M" size and "L" size of race titanium bindings. 166EUR included shipping and paypal fee
  2. Ask Donek produce it from snowboard inserts. Will to have eternal T-Nuts. Or for 30EUR we can sale it (rebuild stainless steel snowboard inserts).
  3. M with black or blue - now. White - Oct
  4. S: 21,5 - 26,5 M: 24,5 - 27,5 L: 28,0 - 31,0
  5. race: S - black M - white, black, blue L - black, blue Intec: black
  6. preorder no payment require Race model S, M, L size Intec model M, L size price 166 EUR w/shipping F2 Intec heels - 50 EUR w/o shipping
  7. New. This year. M size and L size 166 EUR included shipment
  8. 3 years ago: https://www.snowboardrogla.com/en/pgs-winners-three-years-ago/
  9. Rogla (SLO) - Day two of competition at the Rogla (SLO) 2019 FIS Snowboard Alpine Junior World Championships saw parallel slalom racing take to the track of the Slovenian resort, where Russia’s Maria Valova and Mykhailo Kharuk of the Ukraine claimed the gold medals. Left black is also OES snowboard.
  10. its skiers SL. set up course is different than snowboard. sidecut different. trajectory is different. try ride at a snowboard at like - burn out time
  11. 2. Forearm plastic things it is not ski 3. Back of hand foamy things on gloves if you want run fast try do not touch snow by hands. it will give focus to board push instead of loin bending
  12. SL: female 157-160-162 male 162-163-164 GS: female 175-177-180-185 male 185-189-190-192
  13. This board have complicated and powerfull construction at ski/snowboard market
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