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  1. we have it for sale. also some spare parts for UPZ & separate liners https://www.oes.cat
  2. Its special transparent very hard for scratches plastic with back any kind of picture printing
  3. sold. have else one pair for sale: .951 RD = 130 stiffness Shell A. Liner 25.0 Stock for RD tongues with 120 stiffness very good condition Little bootfiting. Right big toe place +3mm. Left: no changes Yellow or red springs. 750 EUR + shipping This is last my A shell for sale.
  4. Migrate to springs. details at: http://onedge.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=67890#p67890 there are russian language but I believe to google translate power p.s. inside car I have else one plate for sale but w/o bindings. was as spare. price the same. color the same.
  5. Narrow (SL) longitudinal cut screws included no cracks, absolutely work condition 700 EUR + shipping w/bindings 800 EUR + shipping
  6. Instead of sale you can try https://www.boot-doc.com/en/products/fitting-materials-tools/fitting-materials/fit-mat-volume-5-mm-shoe-fitting-insoles-fitting-boot-fitting-9467x38.html or custom solution like: http://www.onedge.ru/forum/download/file.php?id=1855 its between liner & shell
  7. I have 272/268 feet. For SL it was good. But GS board said "change to B shell" and I doing it. This boots will be good for 25.0-26.0 feet For race or aggressive ride this is BEST boots at the market.
  8. .951 RD = 130 stiffness Shell A. Liner 25.0 Stock for RD tongues with 120 stiffness 2 days x 2 hours used Little bootfiting. Right big toe place +4mm. Left big toe place +3mm Right upper low neck have little left side plastic cut (see photo). 690 EUR + shipping http://www.oes.cat/MP/20210118_164651.jpg http://www.oes.cat/MP/20210114_103404.jpg http://www.oes.cat/MP/20210118_164659.jpg http://www.oes.cat/MP/20210118_164718.jpg
  9. =As sport (timer) boots its more good than other As guys who looking about level up its also good But as first boot for recreational carver its disputable selection
  10. .951 absolutely unsuitable as 1st hard boots. Very big lever by upper plastic and bindings snag points.
  11. .951 with 120 stiffness have different plastic cuff & shell. not only change spring & tongues. .951 with 130 stiffness (RD) have different plastic cuff & shell but tongues from 120 model (120 stiffness).
  12. https://www.ski.ru/az/blogs/post/kak-kontrolirovat-skorost-v-rezanom-povorote-epizod-1-fizicheskii-mekhanizm-kontrolya-skorosti-pri-chistom-karvinge/ Im sorry but its russian language. Or google translate or ask your local guys translate it. This is very good article with answer to the question.
  13. This is the cause why racers now carving much better than fc guys.
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