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  1. You guys are starting to make my brain ache. It's not so much the flex in general but more specifically where on the board the flex is occurring as the rider transitions through each turn. Too many variables for me to worry about. Sunsurfer call Bruce and have a chat forecast is for rain tomorrow so he probably won't be on the links.
  2. lowrider


    You guys are weird I just watched John Denvers Wildlife Concert . Put my head in a good place .
  3. Hey it's your board and your money grind away if it feels good. I might consider myself to perhaps tend toward OCD on a few issues in my life but when it comes to a question of "do i need it" hell what do any of us really need ? I made a pair of skis and Bruce base ground them for me because they needed it, edges weren't level with the base. On a side note Bruce has both stone and belt machines for base structure. Given the state of things today just settle on what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face . Isn't that what we all really need ?
  4. Almost as good as the guys that played for the 2019 MCC banquet. It's been ten years since i had the joy of riding that run. Does anyone else rock side to side in your chair while watching this ?
  5. Glad it's behind me never want to look back on this past season ever !
  6. "In my opinion" How your particular board board rides whether you are centered or not is best learned on a very gentle flat slope much like the unloading zone on a well designed lift exit. If you can't initiate a turn with your front foot your too far back on the board. If your board tracks straight with proper posture on a small incline your as close to perfect as most people get. If the board hooks left or right your binding) boots are off center. I don't mean off center mathematically but off center of balance (mass)
  7. True ! But in my mind my opinion is the only correct opinion. There is not much room for argument in this little space. When it comes to right and wrong there's only Clints side of the fence to fall on .
  8. Covid has ruined a lot of things, Peoples tolerance to others opinion seem to be high on the list as well!
  9. People should only be judged by the smile on their face.
  10. Personally speaking i ride my boards for fun. I think Bruce undertakes most activities as blood sports so beware.
  11. Whistler Blackcomb closed till April 19th by BC Provincial Health.
  12. Closing for 8 weeks to reassess operations worldwide. Must be serious !
  13. Flat light and fog along with a blunt stop. How many time has any of us gotten away without paying the price for charging hard any making a sketchy decision near season end under less than ideal conditions ? Rideguy you might want to switch to recumbent bike. Have you checked to see if your suits are going to hang square on you shoulders ? Sorry not trying to make you laugh I just remember nearly passing out trying to climb out of the bathtub thinking taking off the sling would be the best way to soak. That was a worse decision than cornering the motorcycle on a mucky leaf covered laneway. Season ended here with a whimper nice to see someone doing it with a bang!
  14. Looses something in the translation but nice to see guys having a shit load of fun. We did two alpine boards with ski bindings ( the ultimate fat skis ) about 16 years ago but sadly before we had video equipment. Always encourage off normal experimentation.
  15. IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO SECOND GUESS THE BUILDER IT'S YOUR MONEY SO YOUR IN CHARGE. However I would provide him with your riding conditions and a true estimate of your abilities and allow the expert to do their thing. My humble opinion is that if you aren't satisfied with their ability to build a board you will be pleased with either they aren't capable or you weren't honest with them in which case you should part ways and haunt another builder. You can always be unsatisfied with what you have if you think it i isn't performing as you expect. If the demo is performing in a manner that puts a smile on your face why not just ride it till the smile goes away. I have been very happy with custom boards that were made for me but not because they were based on my specs. They were easier to ride than previous boards i was riding but also because they challenged me in a different way. Progression is learning and you never want to be too comfortable on your new board.
  16. We're not forced to drink from the water hole but it's reasonable to mandate that others cant piss in it. Your only free to imagine not act.
  17. I nominate Johno 212 for the 2021 "Alpine Innovator Award"
  18. Better sweeten the deal with a door knob !
  19. My own sense of self preservation won't allow me to even watch these to conclusion. Not sure why they would even bother to wear a helmet ? If one were to fall being fallowed that close i'm sure the car would flatten them before your foot was half way to the brake pedal. Chilling !
  20. Perhaps the simple reality is some brains aren't worth protecting. Just a Darwinian thought here.
  21. Nothing surprises me with what i hear in the lift line anymore. But i'm often disappointed by what i hear.
  22. Another good reason to visit MCC reduce neck strain and ride with confidence that a fellow MCC'er won't clip you from behind and if they do 100 of them are likely to beat the shit out of you for breaking their # 1 rule
  23. Self preservation is the ultimate goal and the responsibility is on you. Downhill skier may have the right of way technically but I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people have no clue of their own spatial awareness and for this reason i make it my responsibility. Sometimes it means i have to abort my game plan but I reserve the right to discuss the situation with anyone who ignores the # one rule for everyone who slides down a hill. I don't try and stand my ground on the sidewalk when a tractor trailer makes a tight right turn. Self preservation !
  24. Titinal makes a world of difference you owe it to yourself to try a newer version.
  25. @ a minute fifteen i would say you shot a full feature movie. Better late to the show than never !!!! A Skwal doesn't do slow .
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