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  1. this is a really great board
  2. the first picture looks like there is some weird marking on it but it is the reflection where i took the picture.
  3. ALMOST new SG 185 ready to go. only three days on snow $800
  4. bsp


    unloading equipment Womens all flex plate soft one small crack bindings not included 500$ obo more equipment to come
  5. Salut.

    Est-ce que les bottes UPZ oranges sont disponibles?

    vous les vendez combien? Svp.


    Lucie ( du Québec, Canada)

  6. bsp

    1 SG Plate Left

    yes still for sale
  7. CALLING ALL FOOTBALL FANS!!!! (or even if you don't like football....doing Super Bowl squares to raise money for my favorite nonprofit!! The entire board will be randomized so there is no need to worry about buying last in. 50$ buy in... all four quarters pay out! Contact me ASAP. There is 500 $ pay out for the first second and third quarter 1500 for the 4th rest of money goes to The US Snowboard Racing Team Thanks!
  8. bsp

    POC helmet

    @Pat Donnelly the helmet is a year old...so in that theory it still is a great helmet
  9. bsp

    POC helmet

    ok Thanks for you thoughts on it. Like i said it has never been crashed on, and well maintained. extra padding included. maybe used 20 days
  10. bsp

    POC helmet

    this helmet is in great shape and has not had a crash with it
  11. did i mention this is in amazing shape
  12. bsp

    1 SG Plate Left

    not sure i would believe the stiffer. I have 2 of them and they are the same thickness and one i got from a stronger guy sooo I'm assuming stiffer.
  13. bsp

    1 SG Plate Left

    oops 325$ obo plus shipping
  14. bsp

    1 SG Plate Left

    sg plate good shape
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