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  1. Dave, You can borrow my risers, pads and long screws if you want to try before you buy. I have been using my Titanflex as just flat regular Titaniums. LMK AC
  2. They work great for both. I am just all in on alpine snowboard this year.
  3. Here are my F2 Carve RS bindings including a second lift kit/extra shims and long bolts that I bought. These will fit mondo sizes 22.5 - 31.5. Never ridden. I thought I was AT booting this year, but chickened out and went back to my Intecs. $150 plus shipping USPS Priority from 01760 (MA), Paypal or Venmo works.
  4. Got the SC out for the first time today at Jiminy. Awesome. Heelside revelation! Thanks Mark.
  5. I experimented last year with trying to ski and ride in the same day in the same boot, so I bought these beautiful boots from a member here. This year I am rededicated to hardboots and alpine setup, so I will let these move on. Great for powder, trees, and of course amazing for hiking, walking and feeling like you are wearing light sneakers. Here is the bill of materials: Atomic Backland Carbon 27/27.5 shell Phantom spring levers (they sell for $200 on their own) with all hardware and all 4 spring stiffnesses Booster straps installed by me Intuition Dreamliners 2
  6. That *is* why I ordered this board—the ride and what it might do for my riding. Sorry to talk about the color *during* the season. If I need to spend $1200 on a snowboard, you can bet I want it to look how I want it to look. Thanks.
  7. @davekempmeister here is your camber shot and @Kneel here is outdoor even though it is cloudy an gray and @b0ardski it is the actual pantone colors from the Oregon palette even though I am east coast and have no school affiliation. Just liked the colors.
  8. First Thirst for me. Pretty excited to get out there. WARP Superconductor 175/19.1. As with most Thirsts I have seen, it’s hard to capture the brilliance of the topsheet in indoor light, but it’s awesome and never looks exactly the same from any angle. Thanks MM for a great build with remarkable attention to detail and finish.
  9. Good to hear with a Thirst on the way, literally in the mail (if USPS doesn’t lose it)!
  10. Question for Loaf experts for when I am up later this year. How long a ride assuming winter roads from Sugarloaf to Saddleback?
  11. Try the for sale section and thanks for letting us know it is iconic. None of us decades on hardboots people would have known what a Madd is.
  12. Finally have a gold pass this year, so should be out a lot conditions and safety permitting. Who else calls this place home base these days?
  13. Anybody have a used set they want to part with before I buy brand new? Thanks
  14. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to get mine which will look a lot like that SC but a different color palette. Have fun!
  15. Worth noting that Titanflexes retail for $100 USD more than RS Intec for someone "just stepping in."
  16. I would go right to F2. I love Bombers, but for light weight at your weight and and skillset F2's will be great. Either the Ti Race set or softer and less expensive Carve RS Intec will work great.
  17. Agreed on having a deep snow contingency. I was there many years ago for a friend’s wedding with one skinny alpine board and next thing I knew, I was bolting my Cateks on a crap rental freestyle board.
  18. I use Smith i/o x over smallish glasses and it works well.
  19. All that data is super helpful--thanks dudedude. I will let you know re: high angles. My Coiler is 20.5, so I will have high angles on both boards--not just the Madd. I fear the same as you without lift and cant tweaks to help--while I wait to get a new standard binding setup, I will be on my old Burton bindings, not my heavily canted and lifted F2 intecs, so my testing may be incomplete unless I score some F2's last minute.
  20. After being on 325's or Free69's (same thing) for nearly 20 years, my own Backland experiment begins this weekend with 4 days at very average mountains on family vacation. Thanks to Grip for the boots. As I try to dial the setup for myself, the testing matrix looks like this: 1. Liner test: Intuition LV tongue liner that is currently in them versus my Palau Wrap 151's out of my Deeluxe boots. 2. Strap test: Atomic original power strap versus my red Boosters. 3. Lean test: Forward lean of Phantom springs in ride mode (I would welcome anyone's guidance on ranges here and fron
  21. Are f2 carve rs bindings still avail? If so I will take them!
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