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  1. Ok it is working again. So it has been 2 months since injury. It was the hardest time in my life. I was going from one doctor appointment to the other. My record is 3 in one day. I am on disability. I still wearing moon boot. I had to even sleep with it. Inside ankle ligaments got beaten. I am going through physical therapy for shoulder. It was 5th dislocation. I st after shoulder surgery. They also thinks ligaments between shoulder and collar bones were torn. The biggest problem is my right eye. 3rd and 4 th eye nerve we’re damage. So I have only one working eye. Doctors told me we need to w
  2. I try to write update but I have problems with logging. So this is just attempt.
  3. I hope is will be only post here. On January 3 rd I got most likely hit in my blind spot, back leg side, by 70 years old skier ion Kirkwood chair 2 somewhere at middle of the run. It is blue wide run. I don’t remember as I was in a coma and had to be air lifted to Reno hospital. Spent 3 days there and I am home now right shoulder was dislocated or something is broken they are not sure. My left ankle is all swollen stretch ligaments. My right eye is shut down even when I open and held the lid I have double blurry vision. Of course bad headache and short term memory problems. Bruises all over ri
  4. First time at Keystone. Pretty nice resort like it much more than Breckenridge. But 4 days no one hardbooter. Just stupid questions: what is it? Never saw it, ski boots and so on.
  5. Well if this is a top quality we are probably living in different worlds. I tried to contact them twice. No I did not want new board just sent me missing letters and I will fix it somehow. Absolutely no answer. By the way world cap racers don’t pay for their boards. So for you guys think twice before you dump 15 hundreds maybe you should consider company which already know how to glue stuff together.
  6. Well consider quality of their products and customer service( non existing) you are probably closer to the target than you think.Their workmanship is big disappointment for me. I will post pictures later but I will never buy anything with that name for sure.
  7. I needed replacement for Revolution Narrow 162. There is it on the right. Brand new thanks to Shred. On the left 166 Dragster. Both board Hyper carbon top sheet. Now just waiting for snow.
  8. How tall are they compare to regular Deeluxe? Please some input. Blue Tomato have them on pre order for “just” $590. I would like to try them, what will be most likely problem in States, before dumping 6 hundred. They looks like nice for resort ridding. Climb in these with classical harbor sole if pretty much impossible or very danger. Too bad they are not build on AT sole. That’s why I like Scarpas and Dynafits. Much better for not just climbing but regular walking.
  9. Pretty much that is how it will be. I have Epic and Ikon passes for several seasons I am buying full price passes because anything cheaper has severe restrictions and day ticket prices are getting insane. These two passes cover all California resort, except Sugar Bowl which I liked in the pass. It looks like both companies went with the same beer distributor. Now you have the same crappy beers everywhere.
  10. Never saw so much snow on Memorial Day weekend. They plan to be open till August.
  11. Take your gloves. My friend was there several years ago and had to use spare socks.
  12. It is Revolution narrow Shred did you try it yet? I took my recently at Taos and Santa Fe ski.it performed well on steeps, moguls, trees and some fresh snow. And it carved well also. What is the board on left?
  13. I know but not everyone has time to get in the middle of nowhere. I was checking this winter and it was pretty much nightmare Wasting two days on travel something I can’t afford in current job. If this will be future carvers meeting place it will not make this sport more popular for sure. Close event in probably in one of the most remote resort in America.
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