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    Seems like a lot or most of the comments here, never reflect the riding conditions, that they are Riding On...I believe that is more than critical, when we talk about what works or doesn't work...It is a fact that Race courses are different than your average area groom for one thing...here in Colorado in general, it is Hero snow conditions, that means the equipment that works for Carving here, is not what Jack and others are typically on Back East, while, up north at Turner, as an example, it can be both with its Elevation as it is...would appreciate folks adding, what they are typically riding on, when saying what and what not works for them equipment wise...Thanks
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    Squirrel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8j6INdZcvY
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    Pulled the trigger yesterday on Turbo Levo Comp. Got the last M in California it seems, none available anywhere. Amazing game changer. Rode over 3 hours yesterday and can't wait to get back on it this morning. Probably start riding twice a day now.
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    It's all your fault! You made me do it!! This thread! (and the crazy good deals Commencal has on used bikes) Trail report to follow but in the mean time... It's your fault! Check out the deals here: https://www.commencalusa.com/PBSCCatalog.asp?ActionID=67174912&PBCATID=3785964 And I did look at what Canondale, Giant, Scott, Devinci, Haibike, and Canyon have in terms of ebikes. I think for the price you can't beat Commencal but if you are willing to pay around $7k then the Specialized Levo and Santa Cruz Heckler seem to be the top offerings IMHO.
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    New Alpine rider here: @johnasmo hit the nail on the head. Progression from soft boots to hard boots for me was indeed a natural evolution from soft boot carving inefficiencies. The body position for heel-side turns just does not feel like a position where I can drive power into the edge. Toe-side turns on soft boot stance angles feel better, but there are disadvantages to these too. Another reason for the switch was medical. Any hard toe-side carve on non-perfect groomers will blow out my ankles when I hit imperfections on the slope. It does not seem to matter what boots, bindings, or boot modifications I make, it happens. I lost may weeks of riding due to recovery from this. When I get to the point where the boots feel stiff enough to support my ankle, they are already as stiff as a hard boot. Despite what my local hill tries to advertise, perfect grooming does not exist. Carving progression for me was the desire to experience G-forces akin to roller coasters and race cars. Since progressing with soft boot carving, I reached a wall where I felt like I was not progressing anymore toward my goal. It frustrated me enough to really think about my equipment and technique. Eventually, I finally came to the realization: soft boots are soft, and they are designed to be soft. Some people can make soft boots work for them for carving. I could not. Since switching to hard boots, my progression is on the right track again after only 5 days on snow. I really do think that the soft boot carving trend will increase the sales of Alpine gear for those with the desire to push the limits and achieve their goals. Cheers, and stay safe!
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    ^^^ I second all of that. For me also, I live at a relatively high elevation and most of my riding is above 6,000ft. I am also highly anemic which makes climbing really hard. With an ebike it's easier to reach further. But honestly, who am I kidding. It's just more fun! You can look at a step and say "yes, I have the power to climb that!" These are my impressions from the demo bikes I rode. I went to pick up my bike today. The box is huge! Had to open my back window to fit it! I'll take it on a ride and report!!
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    Done 3 rides in past 24 hours. It's addictive. Had the same feelings for the past month. Gave up mountain biking about 10 years ago, too many injuries from single track riding. Decided in April as snow was melting and XC ski season was almost over (took up XC skiing when Mammoth closed on March 14th) that I needed to get back into MTBs. Was never gonna spend that kind of money. Get myself a nice hardtail for less than 3k. Did a bunch of research and kept coming across eMTB reviews. Talked to a few local guys and they were raving about eMTBs. Finally rented one (ended up going toward purchase) and I knew I was buying one within 10 minutes. Go places you could never get to with a regular mtb, go further, ride to trails instead of driving your car to trails. Still gonna mostly ride multi-track, maybe when I get some skills back I'll ride more technical stuff. Have hardly used Turbo mode, couple of times on 25 degree pitch, I call it Beast Mode. Otherwise, 85 percent of the time I'm in Eco mode, 14 percent in Trail mode, so I'm not using it as a shuttle for DHing. Twice the fun? Think so.
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    Awesome looking bike!!! I have not heard a bad word about it. Everyone who has one loves it. Picking it up today.... Excited! I did a bit of digging around and found that BLM land and State parks allow them. I have a pretty good network of those near me. Beyond that my county said they'll examine opening up more trails to ebikes. It also seems that they are being sold out everywhere. I think people are coming over to the dark (electrified) side...
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    Yo Alex, Stoked you're Stoked, sorry if you thought I was referring to Your post, I have mentioned this time and again here through the years, we need to explain what we ride on, to explain what we ride on ...Especially all those Equipment Reviews...my Equipment would not work at all back east, then again, I don't live back east...
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    I will vouch for Matt. He is a good Mainah. This board was Nate Soucy's originally. This was Matt's first step into the alpine. Buy with confidence from Matt.
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    https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273823365_Mechanical_and_Dynamical_Properties_of_Racing_Snowboards_and_their_Modification_by_Different_Binding_Plates Serious reading for the serious student of plates. Note the photo of the plates in question and that the Apex plate referred to is the 2010 "duckbill" which impinged on the front section of the board it was attached to.
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    Crystal Mountain (Michigan) de-commissioned their "Cheers" chairlift 2 seasons ago. They were trying to sell them for around $600 a piece and not getting many takers. If they still have some, you may be able to negotiate a sweet deal....
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    I asked @Bruce Varsava at Coiler to simply tell me more about these new "Contra" shapes. Well if you've met Bruce you know you're gonna get everything you ask for and then some! One thing led to another and now I have taken delivery of two demo units to test in December. A 174, 20.5cm, avg 12.5m, and a 166, 20cm, avg 10.5m. I'll compare to my custom Kessler 175/20.5/10-14, and my stock Kessler 168/20/8-12. Those Contra sidecut numbers need explanation. Here was the gist of the email thread with Bruce, posting with his permission: " The Contra was designed from scratch as a board to handle a wide range of snow that we get from climate issues. It actually uses a lot of designs from previous freecarve models but puts them together in a unique package. Softer mid and tail allow for excellent ice grip and control on steeps. Bit stiffer nose punches through crud nicely. Sidecuts are different - not nearly as nose-grabby, and with less bouncing. Turns are altered more through angulation than fore/aft movement although a bit of that still helps. Kinda like but not quite an elliptical sidecut. Been working on them for about a year with help from the Montucky bros. Testing has confirmed that they work extremely well. I was out on a few occasions in rather shitty stuff and didn't realize how bad it was until I got on a Nirvana which is not too bad of a board but these surpass them quite easily especially in less than ideal snow. I was definitely bouncing around more on the Nirvana. . The Contra uses a mid tight sidecut similar to an elliptical but we have extra goodies thrown in here and there. @johnasmo is the real genius behind these sidecuts and has a system in place which allows for super consistent design and therefore consistent feel throughout the entire line. The Contra really gives the feeling that all parts are working in complete unison. First ride on one I immediately noticed it had a clean raceboard feel in a board that turns tight and biggest bonus is it works well in a stupid wide range of snow. I have had a few instances where I started a day on a Contra then went back to a traditional board and could not believe how shitty the conditions were. Get this feedback from a lot of riders. They just eat up the crappy snow we get all the time now. Grip is stupid high also as they seem to just hang onto almost anything. I bet you wonder how this all started (-: Each part of the Contra I have done before although the new sidecuts are a lot more involved. Never did all these things in one board so that was the goal to blend it all together. After seeing that a few other builders were designing boards with a mid tight sidecut and getting good results, I figured it was time to get to work on the freecarve boards. Last 4 seasons I was actually working on softboot and BX stuff which really required me to up the game in regards to my design system as softy boards are actually a bit more complicated to design. Softies are a great success story for me, sold very few raceboards last season and a lot of softboot boards so the design time was well spent. Now that the softy program is up to date, I used the new design system to work on the Contra and it took all of three prototypes to get a really nice board. I had to experiment with different ways to control stiffness along with the type of stiffness and when you get it right, it is exceptionally good. Reality is most guys need the easy rider boards which the Contra excels at. Not to say it isn't great for more skilled riders as it is, especially when it allows you to ride hard in sub ideal conditions. Contra sidecuts are a bit more involved so we just use one radius to describe them. However, the actual number to suit your needs has to be a bit tighter than what we are used to referencing from previous boards. The reason is that they like to stretch a turn better than tightening one so you simply get a tighter sidecut which will happily go faster and be plenty stable. I would say on average you go with .5 to 1m tighter than what you would normally want from any of my previous designs. Most popular has been a 12.5m so I'll go with that for the 174 demo. The 166 is a real sweet board with the 10.5m. One of my favorites! Some other exciting news as I just secured an autoclave which will allow me to use the hi end pre-preg carbon/glass similar to what a certain European manufacturer who makes a lot of black boards uses (-: An autoclave is a heat/pressure vessel which is what they use to press their boards. Unfortunately, the Covid issues have slowed this project down as I have not even been able to pick up the Autoclave yet. My only problem is I am old! Elbow just gave out yesterday and I'm starting to sound like a broken record complaining about injures but I'm a few weeks away from 59 yrs old and it is the reality of a lot of hard mileage on my joints. Held up better than hoped for last season just finished which was a surprise as I did about 95 boards since Sept. Plan is to do about 80 boards next season as I am supposed the be off now till Sept. With the pandemic on the go, no golf so I have been busy making up a few stock Contra's which will be available in fall. As of writing this I already have about 60 of the 80 orders for next season but won't be starting those till fall. Can I golf now, puuuulllleeeez! BV "
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    Thanks for reaching out Geoff. I’m trying to confirm these details with the original owner right now. And yes it was the perfect beginner board for me, and would be for someone else.
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    and welcome to battery range anxiety........ The experience of people I know locally who have electric bikes, road & MTB, is that they use them more than a conventional bike.
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    My favorite windsurfers are my old glass boards with that long drawn out pin-tail. My first carving boards...
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    Only if you leave your Pangolin at home. And don't wear the batskin boots.
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    @RCrobar You should join us! It was a ton of fun and such relaxed carving! I can only imagine that good banks requires a combination of, tons of snow, lots of snowmaking equipment, lots of groomer time or lots of pre-season dozer work, thus lots of money. Money is something this event and Turner Mtn do not have much of. So this will not likely be an option. It does look like a giggle fest! I would love to get a chance to ride something like that, varied terrain makes carving much more interesting. We had some rather funky grooming on day 1 and 2 on 1 section of off camber pitch between the bottom of the bowl and the midway area on main last year, there were steps on the right side, groomer path was sloping with a ramp (about a foot rise) between each pass. It was super fun to carve and very challenging to do smoothly. I know a lot of people would disagree with me about that section, but what a fun set of features to play with!
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    Hi Dreadman The pictures of the terrain, videos of the riders and stories of all the fun at your Expresson session seem just great! Hats off to you as I can't imagine how many hours it must have taken to get that plane off of the ground! One of the best pictures I've seen in a while is you hugging the groomer guy, awesome:) My only suggestion, or perhaps dream, would be 'Banks' ... I've only seen, never ridden, videos of an area where they turn it into a 'Bankyard.' See the video below. Cheers Rob
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    I don't think the medical world needs gilmore bias Ventilators have a endotracheal and an oxygen supply. Although gilmore bias after recovery may help, partying.

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