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    Well that was interesting. Full story and explanation to come soon. But I have spent a huge portion of time to get this forum back up and running and damage to our community to a minimum. Hold tight, I'll be back.....
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    We had some early season snow that got us off to a fairly early start to the season around here. This was the first day back on the hill for Bruce since his knee replacement. Seemed like a success.... Except for hikes back to the car to switch up boards, he rode for over 5 straight hours without a break! : )
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    All, Please welcome David Redman, @dredman, who has joined our Moderator staff! David is a 12 year veteran of the forum and as you may know recently organized the very successful Montucky Clear Cut carve session at Turner Mtn, Montana. This event brought carvers from all over to enjoy a private carvers-only mountain, and raised over $21,000 for the Kootenai Wintersports Ski Education Foundation. Here he is inspecting the groom. Thank you David!! David is replacing @Mellow Yellow, who graciously stepped up and volunteered to help during the transition from BomberOnline last year, but regrettably simply can't be online enough. Thank you Mellow!
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    Hi guys! I haven´t been here for some time, but I always enjoyed the great bomber community! Here is my latest video. I hope you like it! In almost the whole video I am on an Oxess Sl 162 Custom with an Allflex H plate hexagonal cut flex M. Only one scene is on an Oxess GS 185 with an Allflex plate normal longitudinal cut flex M. https://vimeo.com/260086557
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    For only the second time this season I managed to spend the first 2 hours this morning in almost perfect conditions. This was the best carving experience that I can remember and I can say with conviction that I am now a better carver than I ever was in the past. My evolution from 90s Swiss based carving techniques to the current angulation approach has been enabled in part by the interest @Eric Brammer aka PSR has taken in me and the rest to the people and content on BOL. Which brings me to the appreciation part. I was more than surprised at the warm and informed response that I received to my first newbie post on BOL. I have since watched with increasing respect many thoughtful and patient responses to every new request for help. It is clear that there is a large number of both passionate but also very competent people who support this forum that makes it a must to review almost every thread. As someone who is not particularly social media oreinted I find myself visiting BOL multiple times per day and its obvious that I am not alone. I appreciate this forum and just wanterd to thank all of you who regulalrly support people like me.
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    Jumped a chair this morning with a very chatty skiier who seemed intent on learning my whole life history in one lift run - toward the end I finally managed to return fire and discovered he was a physician - a psychiatrist to be precise. "Why do you think I ask so many questions? Don't worry, you passed the exam!" I swung the NFC out from under the chair in prep for unload and he looks at board, then the boots, and then back at me, shakes his head and says "Maybe I spoke too soon - you better take my card...
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    Hello Folks, Directly to the point I have purchased the Bomber inventory other than the Deeluxe boots Sean has. This has been in the works for a little while and today it finalized. I'll be starting a thread tomorrow with information on status, plans, etc. I will attempt to keep current and respond to these threads but there is a mountain of inventory to sort through and lots of wheels to set in motion so I may be slow to respond for the near term. The important take away is the inventory has been acquired and I will be making Trench Diggers, Fintec, BTS, etc going forward. Cheers, Walker
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    Sorry guys, gotta brag a little. Some guys show off their boards, some their carving skills, I gotta brag about my kids!! First place in the state of California for the men's team and the combined team. Crushed the kids from Mammoth and the Tahoe region. Bunch of knuckle draggers and hardbooters from far northern CA and the town of Redding!! Paul
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    Friends, With the 2019 winter season winding down or over in the northern hemisphere, I'd like to share this update with you. Since we rolled out subscriptions about a year ago, so far we have donated $950 EACH to USASA and USSRT. Please give yourselves a pat on the back for helping support our fringe sport, at least here in the USA. Every little bit helps! If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to join the cause, please click the Subscriptions tab at the top of the forum. I would also like to thank everyone for making the transition from the old forums at BOL. This group of virtual friends is now nearly 20 years old! So glad it was not lost during Bomber's tumultuous change of hands. Thanks again! Jack
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    Yuani is out of town this week. I'm visiting with him on Friday. I have no idea what the outcome will be, so just be patient.
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    Coiler WoGoCoCo 174x19 12ish scr. Filled with lots of secrets. Graphics by AnnaK. MCC logo rider @johnasmo
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    We had agreed no filming today because we were there for one reason: to F S#!T UP. However Mario was waiting on some meat gates to disperse so I whipped out the camera at the end of the run hoping to catch a solid toeside. Mario was on his super stiff JJA 175 Cyrpress and feeling pretty froggy. For those that don’t know Mario, when he sees a camera you are going to get a show one way or another. He goes into full windup going for a homerun. At the exact apex of the turn, Big Mario’s big force blasted right through his rear boot cuff pivot rivet causing his back leg to collapse unloading all the force of the turn instantaneously. There was a loud pop and Mario went into some sort of horizontal pirouette or spinning Superman. Luckily no body parts were injured in the fall. He shook it off and we continued to F sh!t up.
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    Found this guy sitting on a park bench who said he Golf's, rides motorcycles and dabbles in building snowboards Something named Kohlerer. He's from Canadia and was lost. I said he was in Cleveland along way from home.. His name was Bruce but he said he did not want to go back because he did not want to have to make boards since the weather was so nice.. So we just rode!!
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    Carve session, pow fest... Join us next year at the Montucky Clear CUT 2020 February 10-13! Stay tuned for more details! www.montuckyclearcut.com
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    Hi alpine community!!! I just wanted to let you know that my latest video is out now! I hope you like it! https://youtu.be/5cdHQ7FjXYI Stay on the edge!!!
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    CURRENT UPDATE Hello Everyone, I had not intended to delay posting the store opening here, however, once I turned the store on and had a few sales from those on the notification list I had to fix some issues on the backend of the store. Most are fixed, there is still a problem with a few customers not having a shipping option show up, you can always choose pickup and the order will proceed. Its that time of year, time to get ready for the coming season!! The Bomber Store is open! First the caveat, I have stock of Td3's however I am waiting for the binding stickers to arrive so they are unavailable on the store, they will be available shortly and I will send another email at that time. I am opening the store now because I want to use the store with what I expect to be a smaller volume so I can work out any final kinks I haven't found in testing, I'm sure there will be some. I will be available by email and phone as well as monitoring the store full time for the next few days so if you find anything which does not work get a hold of me and we will find the solution. A note on the company name Bomber Industries as an entity has ceased to exist due to the previous bankruptcy. I am keeping the Bomber name involved through much of the business because the name deserves to be kept alive and I personally always think of these products as Bomber products. My business entity is Gumbo LTD, another name with a long history I'll relate sometime, you will see Gumbo throughout the website and most importantly on receipts and billing information. I have started a Facebook page to keep everyone apprised of developments and announcements, this will be the most immediate source of updates. https://www.facebook.com/bomberbygumbo/ I wanted to thank all of you for your support of Bomber, together we will get her afloat and start working towards new products. ****** First off I want to apologize for my lack of updates this summer. I was working like a dog in Alaska and I had less connectivity than I had anticipated, it was like a step back to the days of dial up! I’ve been back in Colorado for a few week and getting product deliveries and final backend setup completed. The good news is that I am aiming to have the store up and running by this this weekend in a limited capacity and fully once stickers arrive to badge TD3’s shortly. There are parts which will continue coming in during the fall so we may have a few outages if demand outstrips the pace of deliveries, but they will be short as possible as parts arrive to replenish stocks. Please know the wheels are already in motion to cover the outages and I expect that for the bulk of the season most items will be available. The primary outages to expect are BTS, I have a stock on hand to start the season but cost and lead time make them a later replenishment. Power Plates will start the season out of stock but they are in process and available as soon as I am able. One other note is that since Bomber Industries as an entity is unavailable the business entity I will be operating as is Gumbo LTD. You will see on the website, email,YouTube,etc and via transactions that the name Gumbo shows up often. I have created a new Facebook page at this link (https://www.facebook.com/bomberbygumbo/) I will be active on the forum but I don’t wish to abuse the moderators generosity by using the forum for commercial purposes so I will use the bomberonline blog and Facebook for the bulk that activity. I think it’s important to run Bomber as a professional business but know I am also foremost an enthusiast. I moved to Colorado 5 years ago to make my living in skiing and snowboarding. Fin and Bomber kept the Alpine community alive in the past and I hope you and I, the community, can bring Bomber back to life and keep these remarkable products alive in turn. Cheers everyone, theres snow on ABasin and the season is coming soon. Hello Everyone, My name is Walker. I wanted to start a thread to centralize current and future information about Bomber. I will continue to update this thread with information going forward to keep everyone in the loop and informed, the uncertainty around Bomber has been a difficulty, as so many of us, myself included, have relied on Bomber for bindings etc for decades. I want to be as transparent as possible so we minimize surprises! Firstly, I have acquired all the remaining inventory from Bomber, excluding boots which Donek has picked up. I'll have TD3's, Sidewinders, BTS, Fintec and Boiler Plates for this coming winter. As of now the bomberonline.com site is in a holding pattern and the store will remain closed for the time being. I will be working to set up the back end of the business and getting all my ducks in a row with the intention of firing everything up and going live in the fall, tentatively aiming for September. What can we expect of this first winter of Bomber V3? I will increase inventory, as much as I can, this summer but we may experience some shortages this winter as I get the business back on its feet. I will continue working my current winter job so Bomber funds can be directed back into the business rather than buying my groceries! I hope to have Bomber running back at full capacity as soon as possible and will work diligently towards that goal. I wanted to thank Fin for starting Bomber and helping put me in touch with the necessary people for this acquisition. I also wanted to thank the forum moderators for all their work keeping the forum up and running as well as taking the steps necessary to ensure its survival. I will note it in the thread title when I update this post with more information. Cheers, Walker Update 180512 The bomber@bomberonline.com email is now directed to me and I will be checking it. The Website will be undergoing some changes from here out as I start working on it. Update 180522 I have created a form to collect email addresses for anyone wanting a notification email when the store goes live in the fall. Bomber Store Notification I will post a topic on the forum when the store is open on the forum as well.
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    My teenage son was in an hour-long ski lesson this weekend. Turns out I'd passed he and his small group on one of the trails. (it was my one hour to sort of cut loose, so I was solely focused on open trail... :-) I was standing in line when he breezed through to the front w/ his instructor. He says, "Hi Dad!" to rub in that he's skipping the line. The instructor says, "That was your Dad on the snowboard??". Son says, "Yeah". Instructor says, "Too funny - we were on the hill talking about getting the ski up on edge to carve turns, and you flew past, and I literally said to them, "Do it like that snowboarder is doing it." A rare Dad Win! :-)
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    Props to Ryan Knapton & to Russ Britt for this video out of ATC 2017. Russ was the guy with the soda-pop Donek and the crazy, narrow stance. Russ tells why it's that way, and shows what he can do. (Subsequent post in this thread from Russ explains what the top sheet really is! Russ is full of surprises!) When I found this, having heard from Russ that Ryan had shot it, it already had nearly 6,000 views on YouTube. (1st March 2017 - 11,000+ views)
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    I'll keep all my Gifs to one thread this season. These are from Beaver Creek today. Excuse the sloppiness on the carve-air-carve. I was going for amplitude.
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    Hi All, I’m going to turn the checkout off in the Bomber webstore for a few weeks starting April 15 going through the beginning of June. I will be off to Austria for a few weeks coaching skis camps and then visiting family in Maine before I make my way back to Colorado. I should have pretty solid email access for that time so I will be able to answer emails and questions. I will however be completely unable to ship anything until I’m back in Colorado. I’m hoping this won’t be an inconvenience for anyone at this time of year. If it is I will be shipping orders until I leave on April 15th and I will start shipping again as soon as I return. Thanks for everyone’s orders during the season you’ve made the difference in getting Bomber back on its feet and headed towards more vibrancy. I’m aiming to have sufficient supply of the core Bomber products going into next season so I don’t run out of anything during the year. I’m also hoping to bring in some snowboards again. Thanks as always to Jack for letting me post here and for keeping the Forum alive and well. Cheers, Walker
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    compilation of clips from 1st tracks with the 185 8rw at Spirit in 2019...before the lift starts running, holding a 5' pole with a gopro stuck on the end...not the best way to do a warm-up run, but it captures the mood of having acres of fresh corduroy to yourself.
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    Ok...here’s a review of my new baby After years of searching for the perfect soft boot carving board, and coming up short, I decided to have one built for me. Best snowboarding decision I ever made! Thank you Bruce Varsava from Coiler Snowboards.
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    Let's hear your story. Short answer: because I can't fly an F-16. Long answer: I've always loved the sensation of carving. I started snowboarding when I was 13, but before that my ski buddies and I would drag race each other down narrow, winding green trails in a then-unpopular area of Sugarloaf only serviced by a T-bar at the time. We would tuck and only turn where the trail turned and go as fast as possible. Back then this was the best way to ride what little sidecut we had and purely carve. Those are some of my best memories of skiing. My first in-person glimpse of people snowboarding was my friend's older brother and his friend chasing each other on their Burton Cruisers down the trail under the chairlift I was riding. I was blown away by how much they could lean in and surf their turns. At that moment I told myself I need to do THAT. The next season I took a lesson with my dad at Stowe and we got certified, January 10, 1988. I bought a Burton Elite 150 with babysitting money. Soon afterwards I was drooling over the 1989 Burton catalog, trying to decide if my next ride would be a Mystery Air, or a Safari Comp II. I realized a few things - 1, I really liked just cruising the mountain and going fast. Carving was practically impossible with the Elite's V-shaped sidecut and concave tail, so I figured the Safari would be a big improvement in that department. 2, I didn't have a ton of aptitude for freestyle. 3, there were way more groomer days here in the east than anything else - there were no parks or halfpipes or manicured glades back then. So I bought the Safari on sale at the end of the season and figured I'd get good at carving next season. My one snowboarding buddy at the time had a copy of Burton's Snow Rules which we watched religiously all summer. I was mesmerized by the turns in this 10 second clip of Peter Bauer in Chamonix: https://youtu.be/riHicmC5_DU?t=6m53s Even though it's powder, that was the style I wanted to learn. I knew it would translate to corduroy. I've been chasing the perfect carve ever since. I rode Burton 3 strap bindings and the gray and white 1989 Comp Boots. Late in the 1991 season a Rossignol snowboard demo van appeared at Sugarloaf. They had full alpine setups, so I figured I'd give hardboots a try. They set me up with a VAS Race 173 and Alpina boots. As I was already carving on my softboots, the very first run on hardboots felt something like this. I switched to hardboots the next season. The sensation of carving is my meditation and my church. It's what I call an "absolute activity" - something that while you're doing it you're not thinking about anything else. It's also my personal roller coaster, motorcycle, and fighter jet. The equipment keeps getting better and better, and I feel like I get better every year. I'm not looking forward to the day that stops. Hope everyone has a great 2019 season!
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    Every story makes me more sad. The Callens were friends to me, as with so many others in the tight alpine community. They even put me up for a couple of nights in Colorado when I was stuck after ATC, and we had a fantastic powder day filled with laughs and firsts for me. They brought a new level of energy and excitement that was healthy for the sport. I knew they had their business struggles, but I had no idea of the depth of what was going on in the background. The spending did seem extravagant, but I just assumed that Bomber was being bankrolled by Angie's day job in the early phases. It was, but not how I thought... ? What really tore me up was that there was a growing animosity between the Callens and my other good friend - Fin. Both had stories that seemed believable, but I wanted to stay as a neutral 3rd party without allegiance to either 'side'. I believed the answer was somewhere in the middle, like in most disputes. With the info we have now, I know I was fooled like many others. I'm saddest of all for Fin. He lost a business that he built from his first nickel and an idea. His vision brought us all together.
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    I saw a friend and fellow USASA racer today and we were chatting about snowboarding as usual. He mentioned he heard that Kessler had gone out of business. I couldn't believe this, but thinking back to the thread discussing difficulty getting in touch with them, I wanted to find out first hand. I emailed Hansjuerg and got this response right back. Sharing with his permission: --- Hi Jack Thanks for your lines below and your work you are doing for alpine snowboarding. First of all i can assure you that there is no need to worry about the future of Kessler. As you maybe know i started building snowboard in 1987 in a small ski resort (its a town without cars at all) only reachable by cable car. So we are building boards more then 30 years. In the first couple years we did build about 100 to 300 boards a year. I did this beside my job as building supervisor in the summer and ski and snowboard instructor during the winter. I grow up in "hardcore" wintersport family and started to ski at 2 1/2 years. Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister, and me were working as ski instrutor in the local ski school. I was supervisor for Swiss ski school federation and Swiss snowboard federation for many many years. So you see, my entire life is wintersport, especially snowboard, what else could I do then follow up with snowboard and ski for the rest of my life? The reason of being "offline" the past 2-3 years is also connected with our decision to dedicate fully to build winter sport equipment. When we entered the world cup in about 2001 with our boards we were very fast very successful. After the first Olympic Medal in Salt Lake the numbers of customized boards went up rapidly. From about 2008 we could not handle the amount of demands in our small production in Braunwald. So we decided to start building serial boards and have them produced at Nidecker in Switzerland. Unfortunately Nidecker closed the Production in Switzerland after 3 years we had been there. We found another production in Austria, it was GST, they produced for many well known brands all together about 180,000 units a year. Unfortunately they closed also after we had been there for 3 years. So again we were without a production for our serial boards. All these years we kept producing all the custom boards in my home town Braunwald. Our serial Skis where built at Head. For several reasons we did want to quit there as well. So we deicided instead of going to Dubai or Tunisia like almost all our competitors do, to build up our own production in Switzerland. In late 2015 I started to build up a complete new production from a blank sheet very close to my home town. Late summer 2016 we started to build our first Swiss Made Serial Boards in the new production. In summer 2017 the ski production started under the same roof. Now we are just about finishing the serial boards for our 3th year (season 2018-2019). As you can imagine the past 3 years I was fully absorbed in building up the production, with all the bigger and smaller problems everyone would have in such a project. It was the toughest time in my whole life so far. I put all my energies in this project to develop all the production process which are needed. Now since the worst teething problems are solved I start to live again and hopefully will have more time for our customer. The custom made boards, developing and athletes boards are still built in the very first facility, during the past 3 years we kept this production running like always, there was no need to touch or change this well going place. In fact at the moment we do have 2 different factorys close together (about 20km) Believe me if I would quit now with what i have done the past 31years and especially the past 3 years I could not see into the mirror any more. I'm the type of guy who must build something real even though I love to do everything possible with modern production technology like CAD and CNC. I always try to go new ways in production process. Honestly I believe we do have the most efficient production for custom and serial boards and ski world wide. I go up in the morning to do at least one thing a day in a way that never has been done before. To cut a long story short: Kessler going out of business, is just BULL SHIT. Hope these guys out there will have a bit of understanding for our situation in the past 3 years. We are snowboarders and build snowboards for snowboarders in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Very best regards Take care Hansjuerg Kessler
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    Little clip from the other day. Ink, still trying to work on carrying speed through turns. I tried some switch toes and ate it but imma keep trying.
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    You guys. Fin is involved. This website is not going anywhere. Stay tuned.
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    Thanks to YOU and your subscriptions, classifieds donations, merchandise purchases, and interest in our advertisers, we have been able to donate $1000 EACH to USASA and USSRT since my last update on April 30 last year. We have also donated $100 each directly to USSRT members Bobby Burns and Cody Winters to support their racing dreams at the international level. Thank you for being part of this site and helping to support our weird fringe sport!
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    I have had a few messenger chats with a few riders that are currently using zipfit liners in their hard shell boots with great success but knowing that this community is a demanding underserved market we have thought of opening up a feedback line with users like you to develop something specific for your sport. Please share your ideas. We are listening, and motivated to launch something reflecting your input for next season. Check out zipfit.eu if you have not done so yet to see that zipfits are all about. Looking forward to hearing your comments and becoming the reference suppler of after market boot liners for alpine snowboarding moving forward.
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    The Prinoth Team is amazing!! Prinoth jumped right in and joined the Montucky Clear CUT Family whole heartedly. It appeared to me that the Turner volunteer grooming staff and the Prinoth Team made just as strong of friendships as the MCC family did. At the end of my first run on the first day of the MCC, Brett the Prinoth cat operator was waiting at the bottom, you can see my response...
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    Your 56 year old going on 13 self returns from a mountain bike ride after not quite nailing the landing after launching off of a small double, then executing spectacular butt bouncing front flip complete with a face planting, sand eating non excellent dismount (9.5 according to a guy coming up the trail)and your bride of 23+ years, spies your sand encrusted smile and nostrils and asks if you had fun. You reply, "yes, but I have some cactus quills in my ass cheek" . Her response is not" you are such a dumbass, grow up" but, "let me get my tweezers". You are the epitome of awesomeness, Honi, thanks again for saying yes! Mario
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    This is a little late, but wanted to give great thanks to Walker at Bomber for the customer service to get new bindings delivered while on vacation. I ordered new bindings Wednesday, February 6th for delivery by Friday prior to leaving for a week long ski vacation in Idaho. Needless to say a little snow on Friday in North Bend Wa caused Fed-ex to not deliver my bindings. Therefore, we left on vacation and drove 11 hours on a normal 5 hour trip from North Bend to Coeur d'Alene Idaho thru 30-40 mph winds and blizzard snow storm.....I called Walker and he had Fed Ex deliver my bindings to my vacation spot and received Tuesday morning....We had 8-14" of snow every day for 6 days and epic skiing at Silver Mountain Idaho. Thanks and special kudos to Walker for going the extra mile. Bindings are great!!!!
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    Hi All! So pumped to have found this site. I've been an alpine rider since the late 90's but have felt like the only one left for many years. I average several days to the mountain a season and am lucky to see another hardbooter once every few seasons. Recently as I've gotten older (time to be an adult), I've come to realize that I don't need to put up with 25 yr old gear any more so I started looking around. I found the carver's almanac website, some facebook groups and the Montucky Clear Cut event. My stoke has been reignited! Just upgraded boots from my old packed out Nordicas to some almost new Deeluxe and boy have things come along way. Next will be some step-in bindings as I start to get myself back into better shape and ready for Montucky 2020. Glad to be here and share my eclectic taste with other like minded riders!
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    Today was an epic carving day at my home hill. I first went out on my GS board and was getting on the lift and the liftie said - "nice Mono-ski dude". No big deal we've heard it all before. After a few hours on the GS board I went down to the base and traded my GS board for my slalom board and changed jackets. I went back up and the same liftie looks at me with deep astonishment and says - "you're not going to believe it dude but there's another guy up here today on a mono-ski too!" I told him I knew the guy and was hoping to meet up with him on the hill - this was met with knowing nods of approval. dave
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    Winterstick Custom RS 166. My new softboot carver/banked slalom tool. Just picked it up. I asked them to try to replicate a Kessler sidecut, it’s about 10m average. 27.5cm waist so I can carve like Knapty. Ptex topsheet, carbon fiber weave, titanal inlay. Wintersticks are made at my home mountain, Sugarloaf, how can I resist?
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    My SL babies ... 162cm/10m and 164cm/11.5m
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    Mario, With all due respect to your most recent comment and others on this board that may be upset such as yourself. You are correct in that it is not fun to kick someone when they are down. This story has 3 sides, Fin's, Angie's and Jim's. The three of them are truly the only people that know all of the facts of which some appear to be in dispute never to be resolved. I think many of us come to this forum (thanks Jack) to discuss what went on and many of us have a lot of questions and opinions (as the saying goes opinions are like a$$holes---everyone's got one). For the most part I haven't read anything highly offensive on this board, just opinions, though some highly charged at times. I am guilty of that I will confess so if I have said anything that offended anyone I do apologize. Keep in mind a great business and tightly bonded community and customers within that community were impacted, some losing good amounts of monies. As soon as we arrived at Jim & Angie's first ATC (2016) and observed how the event was being run, the new expensive van and other things some of us had a hunch things might not end well. I say this as there were numerous people making similar comments about their observations as well (new van with wrap, huge house that was seemingly excessive, etc.). Before getting into my thoughts, a little about my background. Years ago I did several years doing analyst work for the SBA (Small Business Administration) going out into the community to help failing business's that had SBA loans nearing default. My job was to analyze the business, recommend solutions in order to save the loan and to prevent the company from having to file BK. I did this while in college and during this same time I also helped my parents run a mid size construction firm they owned during summer breaks. Owning a business is tough and risky. Usually there isn't much time for fun! I subsequently spent 15+ years as an Advisory Consultant/Director/Sr. PM in a tech firm managing projects of $500 million+ or more. So I have some decent business background in addition to about 29 years of snowboarding and some of that spent working and helping a couple of the business's in various capacities. As such I am a little familiar with the industry and our hb niche as well. When they filed BK for Bomber I took a look at the detailed data in the BK filing documents as I wanted to understand what went down a little better (and I like to work on facts as much as possible). As you are aware Fin bought out his partners in around 1993. He successfully ran the business for about 22+ years until he decided it was time to sell and move on to something new. The business provided him with a rather solid income (I am sure lean in some years since the business is somewhat dependent on snow) and it also provided employment to 1 to 2 other individuals. After reviewing the detailed financial information from the BK filing and later down the road taking a look at a detailed business prospectus that Fin put together (and it was VERY detailed) I spent some time running basic numbers because I wanted a better picture of things just for my own personal knowledge/understanding. Without getting into the "nitty gritty" here are some key facts/observations/opinions/questions: 1. The sale of Bomber according to records was in May of 2015 in the amount of $210,672. Agreement terms are unknown. As others have said on this thread the sale did not include the machinery (I think that went to a different company) and if my memory is correct Fin kept the bail bender (though I may be wrong). 2. Fin's prospectus was very what we call "T&L" tight and lean and also paying himself a respectable and reasonable salary. We had the opportunity to spend time in Fin's factory some years ago and I can personally say he ran a tight ship (he knew the inventory down to the screws). 3. Right out of the gate what is the biggest difference between Fin running the business and Jim & Angie? Besides Jim and Angie not having the equipment in house? A big difference that would have to be taken into consideration by any buyers is the fact that Fin produced a chunk of the goods in house on premises. Jim and Angie did not have that luxury and that is a big cost savings to Fin (live where you work). 4. Did Jim & Angie perform due diligence before buying the business? Did they have a firm look at the contract taking into consideration what their costs would be? Did they have a lawyer review the contract? Did they ask for copies of the past 3 years of tax returns? Did they do a projected cash flow? Did they audit receipts? I don't know the answer to this, but surely if that had been done some costs and overhead expenses (fixed and variable) would have been taken into consideration. Did they have a written business plan? Seems if they had truly done proper due diligence they would have gone into this with eyes wide open and known the relevant facts. 5. Did Jim or Angie have prior experience running a small business? Did they have intimate knowledge of the snowboarding industry? market? demographics? 6. Jim & Angie obtained a loan from Alpine Bank in the amount of $90K in May of 2015 (terms unknown) in addition to obtaining a loan through a private individual in the amount of $50K (terms unknown). I am not sure if they took other loans or had liquid assets available at the time of purchase. What we do know is that based on these 2 facts they had approximately $140K in operating cash to start with (and that operating cash was also debt). There are 2 pretty hard and fast rules about small business. 1) Likely failure is within the first 24 to 30 months and 2) Owner should have 18 months of operating cash on hand and access to an additional 6 months for a total of 24 months operating cash on hand/readily accessible. 7. They moved from their rental house to a larger house assuming a new liability of $4K per month in rent living in a much larger space, but not manufacturing from the space. The business did not warrant a retail showroom especially given the location and little to no foot traffic nor retail storefront visibility. At $4K per month that is $48K PER YEAR in rental expenses! 8. They purchased a 2015 Ford Transit 350T for a purchase price of 49,650.20 amounting to monthly payments of $819.17 over 60 months. They wrapped the van for an unknown cost (best guesstimate is 4-5K). They could have purchased a used van for a reasonable price and kept the graphics to a minimum. 9. Their payment to Alpine Bank on a loan of $90K was estimated at about $1,800 per month. 9. Their monthly payment to Fin was an estimated amount of $3,500 (assumes $210K paid over 60 months). 10. Their monthly payment of a personal $50K loan is unknown, so an estimated monthly payment of say $500 over 60 months. 11. At the time they purchased the business Angie was making a salary of $61K (though collecting $71,500). Jim's salary is unknown, but per BK filing not substantial. For ease of calculation let's assume after taxes she brought home $4,200 per month (no dependents). 12. Monthly expenses that we know from the above (does not include other expenses which we do not have facts for) = $10,619.17 and this is a low number, excluding other personal and business expenses for which I don't have detailed information. My best guess is total monthly was running around 14-17K taking product and other expenses into account. 13. We know they had approximately $140K cash (also debt) on hand when they started the business plus access to Angie's monthly salary of an estimated say $4,200 net per month. This right here is a red flag. The bare bones minimum of expenses (which is well under actual) is 10-11K per month. Keep in mind this amount excludes production and acquisition of products. 14. Did hardgood vendors (boots and boards) provide a line of credit to Jim and Angie or were the account(s) on COD? This too impacts cash flow. 15. Did Jim and/or Angie have the skills to tweak existing products? Develop new products? Did they have access to more capital to do R&D? 16. Numerous people have stated they had a poor customer service experience during Jim and Angie's tenure. 17. Assuming the cost burdens of putting on ATC in the winter of 2016. Perhaps this should have been a off year while they got the business up and running and on solid footing. 18. They had to rely on others to manufacture the goods (excludes boots and boards). This is a weak spot and does not appear to have been taken into consideration during the due diligence process (or lack thereof). 19. While I don't have access to review the buyer/seller agreement I did look at the detailed data in the prospectus Fin sent and the numbers work (though tight). I trust Fin and don't believe he was dishonest. At all. Period. 20. Owning a business requires blood, sweat, tears and shrewd finances. 21. Assuming $15K (see #12, $10,619 + say $4K) per month in expenses (very very rough estimate based on above plus padding for product, materials etc) in my humble opinion they would have needed to have access to $360K in funds to safely sustain them over a 24 month period. In my humble opinion the business didn't have a chance from the start because they took on unnecessary/high expenses combined with irresponsible personal spending (at least according to the news reports). At the $15K per month estimate they would have blown through their cash from the loans within about 9 months. They started the company on about day 1 with approximately a total debt of $400,322.20 ($210,672+$90,000+$50,000.00+$49,650.20). According to the paper and warrant the theft started 11/2015 which is about 6 months from the time they purchased the company. It is also worth noting they really didnt have any personal skin in the game as it appears the did this using loans (other people's money). This isn't the most optimal way to start a small business or any business for that matter. High debt, low cash and high expenses:( The above is just some basic information. Sit back and take a closer look. They took on large and unnecessary expenses, combined with $400K in debt out of the gate and only $140K in cash on hand. It appears they failed to do proper due diligence to make sure the deal would work for their financial situation (which was much different than Fin's) and lack of sufficient operating capital needed to sustain the business and get it on a solid footing within the first 24 months from date of purchase. I am truly sad for Fin, for all those that have experienced less than than professional customer service and those that paid for goods that were never received. The alarming part in all of this is that the website was up and running and still taking orders when they knew that they could not fulfill the orders and were preparing to file BK. While bad things happen to good people this whole sad thing that has happened could have easily been avoided. It is going to be a tough road for Angie and Jim (especially Angie). The consequences of her actions will impact her life for years to come. At least she admitted to what she did when she was caught (though would she have admitted to it if she wasn't caught?) If the court/jury finds her guilty or Angie gets a plea deal and she accepts/completes her punishment she will have paid her debt to society and we hope that she will somehow land on her feet.
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    Won a Coiler Carving board @ Quebec Sessions 2017 New .5 custom, blunt note & tail. The ButcherBlock. Two Tone Topsheet length 33.5 width 23.5cm effective edge 25cm taper 0mm Bamboo core Best of all, signed by Bruce. It is a carving board, no? Thanks Bruce for this unique board!
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    First off, a big thanks to Slopestar for his camera work, and again to Carvin' Marvin for his camera work and editing. Oscar worthy right there if'n you ask me. Another amazing day of riding made possible by the Lovey Groomers, and the confluence of a great group of riders, Carvin' Marvin, Dusty Bottle, Ice, Inky, Ms. Katie, Iil'' Ms. Hailee, Mr. E, Slopestar The Highback Breaker, and myself. Despite the fact that some of us are still nursing Montucky hangovers, the flat light and the occasional kook strafing, we managed to do a damn fine job of laying waste to every trail we were on. Marvin, and his Thirst are beginning to give me a run for my money with his trenches, as witnessed by Katie extracting herself from one in the opening shot. Thanks again to everyone for showing up, and making the Sunday sessions so much fun. only 6.5 days 'til the next one! see you then, mario Cool detailing matching the graphics to the color of their jackets Aarron!
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    I drive multiple hours to ride by myself, with most other ski hill users looking at me like I have a serious mental defect. And I'll do it again this weekend. I even post on a silly internet forum when I can't snowboard. Logic need not apply when you like something. Looking forward to seeing the other mildly-defective people at MCC.
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    Please bear with us as avatars and images continue to migrate from the old forum. Feel free to update your avatar manually if you don't want to wait. Please also see the new Mission Statement in the pinned rules post. Thanks!!
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    re: blue tomato- i generally keep out of these conversations, but the blue tomato thing upsets me to no end. Here we are talking about a business we all love that is going down... and someone is talking about buying stuff cheaper elsewhere... ok so i know a lot of cheap people. I'll admit sometimes I am one of them. But i know in a niche industry like this here is how it works. For all boots, boards and bindings, those of us who sell them have to put the money out up front (sometimes 6 months in advance of receiving product) and then hope we sell what we bought when we get it. We do this so we can always make sure we have product for those that need or want it each year. I do this as a second job and from Sept-April I work 16 hours most days, and I promise I am far from making a lot of money. I do it for some extra cash sure, but mostly I do it because i love this sport. And I know if i didn't do it then all of my customers might be SOL. Especially now! Blue Tomato buys left over stock, so they put out nothing in advance. They have almost no risk and work in volume. So cheers to them for being able to sell cheaper. But just remember every time you want to go buy cheap you may be helping to put the one retailer in your country out of business. Support your own country's retailers if you can. Otherwise there may end up being none of us left.
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    I am not an employee of Bomber and do not speak in any official manner on behalf of them, but I've spoken with Jim and Angie as a friend. To cut right to the chase, Bomber has declared bankruptcy. Bomber has been handed to a trustee. Outstanding orders will ship, though timing is unknown at this time. They poured their hearts and souls into Bomber, but it didn't work out. Jim was shipping orders over the past few weeks, but didn't get them all out before the court proceedings finished yesterday. They've been advised them to stay off the forums. Like you, I have more questions than answers, but Bomber itself has not shut down permanently. It is in a legal pause though. The future is unknown at this time. In the interim, I've created a forum at http://lucidcarving.forumotion.com in an effort to keep the alpine snowboard community together in case this forum is shut down briefly. This new forum is NOT affiliated with Bomber in any way. My hope is that it's only a temporary gathering place until the future of this site is decided. This new site will not have bindings or any other products for sale. There is also the Alpine Snowboard Trader group on Facebook if that's more your pace. Again - I do not and have not worked for Bomber or Jim or Angie. My role as moderator on this forum is and has always been a volunteer function. I gladly donate a small amount of my time to help keep this awesome group of people together. I can't answer any questions, sorry. I'm just passing on info that I've gathered.
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    Newest member of the flock, 185 metal freecarve, 18cm waist:

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