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    After assembling a setup from far and wide, here's my grom on day 5 on hardboots. Wish I started him on a board earlier. https://youtu.be/UI0nTrwLNlY
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    I wasn't sure what to expect but seeing that F2's are the most popular brand did surprise me. This poll combined with the 'set up' poll is even more interesting. I thank you all for sharing your thoughts and preferences when it comes to binding brand and set up....I really didn't know what to expect and your answers where very informative. I recently bought some F2 bindings and I really like the way they ride....that said I think they could be better made, more adjustable in terms of cant and lift, and more durable. And at the same time designing a binding that would give the wonderful ride of the F2 while adding adjustability and durability at that price point would be a challenge. Add to that the fact that the F2 is so light (nearly 2 lbs lighter than SW's per set) and it's a serious design and business challenge. I earn my living in product design and I've long had ideas of how to achieve these design aims and have been toying with working on some prototypes of just such a binding. My rough plan is to baseline the F2 in terms of stiffness and flex with the aim of designing a binding that would replicate that while allowing real fine tuning of lift and cant as well as being more durable....all without a weight penalty. It's a tall order for sure and will be a fun diversion from my normal bicycle design work. We'll see. Thanks again for your input. dave
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    Adjust your riding (style and gear) and embrace the conditions. 6" sounds like there is plenty of fun to be had as long as you are willing to adapt. Work on carving another day.
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    Well actually it's a 9 store megastore stocking snow stuff... Victoria Main Store, Kanda. Kanda area has the highest concentration of snow related shops I've seen. Some notes: Granger's seems to be the main waterproofing brand there. That's the one I use, also, coincidentally. Dominator wax was stocked in a lot of stores Didn't see Driver X in any store, but they had almost every boot in Asian fit. Hardboot stuff: Mountain Slope, Deeluxe, UPZ, G-Style (accessories until the new boots are released), F2, PHK, ALC, VIST, Iron Rock, SG, Kessler, Black Pearl, BC Stream, Gray, AMICSS. No Oxess or Allflex. One of the SG Pro Riders I met was using an Iron Rock, also. By the way, F2 Speedster 185 WC == STIFFEST board I've ever felt. Softboot stuff: Yonex, BC Stream, Gray, Elan, SG, Black Pearl, One, Moss, F2, AMICSS. Didn't really bother with boot or binding photos. Nothing special there, except the new Yonex, which I can't find the photo and the new Flow. Deeluxe Edge looks like a great design for a softboot. A few riders use these on the hill, also. From the shop: Deeluxe Edge look like the best (what does best even mean?) carving boot Flow NX2-CX look like the best binding Gray Desperado Type R looks like the best board Large stock of Unicant These cool cant things that come with angles washers so the bolt stays straight From the hill: A lot of people are riding Unicant and swear by them. One guy has power plates. Stiffeners like the Powerride are big in Japan, but I didn't see them in person in this shop, though People are using power straps around the top of their boots to stiffen them This may be of interest to some: Flow NX2-CX Vs. NX2-GT CX has higher highback The 'heelcup' beginning on highback on CX starts higher CX highback is WAY stiffer The highest points on the highback are reversed on the CX compared to the default position on the NX2, which many have noted (@svr and some others) they have swapped these anyway Didn't check to see whether the highback has a 'small' and 'large' position like the NX2-GT (but unlike the NX2, funnily) The CX has the NX2 (not NX2-GT) footbed (cantbed?) \ Not snowboard related, but the inner nerd in me (who am I kidding, I'm all nerd- in and out) was awakened in an electronics store which was multiple times bigger than the electronics market in Shenzhen, when I found what I use to carve up (so carving related) my posts, which simultaneously mock @pauleleven and infuriate @Corey (oh and all my research for work, but that's meaningless compared to this, right?!!). For probably one other massive nerd apart from me on the forum, this is for you, whoever you are. Topre Keyboards!
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    FS: COILER ANGRRY 160 Near new condition, 2018-19 built for 180# rider weight, Coiler sidewall code: T160 ANG019RN-7.1+5 All stock Coiler Angrry Specs including pointed nose, Sidecut: 8/11/9 Black carbonium topsheet. 0.030 titinal, 4x4 insert spacing: 46/50/54 cm. This is Bruce's formula Angrry Waist: 19cm Wow. super fun, turny. Make people your cones type maneuverability. No topsheet marks and maybe one superficial scratch on the base. never ground. 2/0.5 edge angles. I ordered this board for my small local hill, but ended up going "big" most of the time. SOLD SOLD PM or email me at RJNakata (ate) aol (doot) com
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    Great Movie, in my opinion. SPecial Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion!
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    ha... i find that's the beauty of alpine snowboarding. I can(and have) ride the same groomed trail over and over and had blast. In my case: If I am bored/not falling; I am not pushing hard enough or the run I am on is too easy. For the high level rider I can see that might be a problem since everything is "easy". If there are freshie to be had; then it's a different story. Having fun is ultimate goal. I rather be the guy with biggest smile than the best carver on the mountain.
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    The whole point is to have fun. If it’s soft you can’t carve hard, too easy to fold the nose and go over the bars. You may as well just play in the pow. Riding groom all day long bores me to tears anyway.
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    Good pick up. It was actually the BC Stream RX 174! The black one. I remember it was leftmost in the rack and that it was huge! The whole thing was flexy, not just the nose. Remember testing that.
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    I was trying to understand this issue; powder makes everything easier. Then I looked at this some more and I think I may understand what you're talking about. When there's powder at a resort - even quite a lot - if you tip your board on edge like you would on hardpack, it kind of "catches" in the snow - cuts down through it - and doesn't really make use of the powder. My reaction to that is to switch from using the edges of the board to turn it, to using the base. It's more about banking the board than jamming the edge in. The snow still has a base, and you can still feel it, so you can still ride narrow hard-boot specific boards, which is very hard in bottomless powder. I suppose that's why I'm not a carver - I can carve, but it's not precisely what you ought to be doing in all conditions, because you need a hard surface to put that edge into and it's not there.
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    Really interested to see where this ends Dave & wondering how that 'magic''stiffness/flex may be best derived. Perhaps modern board design made boots too stiff and thus a more flexible binding is providing a remedy? I still find it astounding the elite level riders run in the equivalent of concrete boots attached to bindings that must feel like to noodles to them. If you are set on levering the beelzebub out of your board, why use cheese as a fulcrum (particularly when perched atop a lump of alloy designed to remove all nasty vibes and unwanted feedback).
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    I am sure if you got it to prototypes and to the market you would have no shortage of people willing to test! Another flaw I see with the TD3s as they stand is that they are not very friendly to small feet. I haven't had my hands on f2s to try them personally. Good luck to you and your endeavors!
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    If you try to carve when it is too soft you will hurt yourself.
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    Not sure if Fin gave up because of that or because he was just tired of it and wanted to move on to different challenges. I got the impression it was the latter.
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    I tried buying a carving plug in sometime ago, but only possibility was shipping from Japan. no digital format avail. Kohei Kawaguchi is an incredible rider. maybe I am reposting but these are my favs
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    At the moment, things are aligning such that i may be able to invoke the powder rule tomorrow, and get out in during the week. Hope the forcast holds for some freshies!
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    I take the OP's question to be how the length of the foot is best determined: By standing with the heel against a wall and marking the tip of the longest toe; or by stepping on a piece of paper, drawing the circumference of the foot and measuring its length. I prefer the former.
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    Well, he called it. While we were sitting comfortable in the lodge, an avalanche (or two?) closed I70 in both directions. We were trapped, but with about 150-200 people, good groom, sunshine, and no wind. Epic day! Pictures and video to follow. Thanks to Dusty Bottle for being a great host. My favorite run of the day was lapping Spillway and Richards. Did 5 of those to end the day - that chair feels pretty fast when it's your only break!
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    I left NW Denver at 5:15 Sunday morning, and traffic was already a shit show. Got stopped 1/2mile before Herman's gulch for avalanche mitigation, finally pulling in the lot at 7:10. My ride home was even longer. I cannot control how many people are moving here, the weather, cdot, or caic.. What I can control is when I leave for and from the mountain, and ultimately my reaction to it. Had I shut the alarm off, rolled back under the covers, and said " phuckit, taffic and weather are going to suck, I'm sleeping in" , I would have missed one of the best powder days I have had at The Luv in way too many years. My 4hrs of windshield time sunday was annoying to say the least, but in the end, well worth it ymmv, mario
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    Problem solved - grab the handle and give your foot a yank downwards. click click. in!
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    Jumped a chair this morning with a very chatty skiier who seemed intent on learning my whole life history in one lift run - toward the end I finally managed to return fire and discovered he was a physician - a psychiatrist to be precise. "Why do you think I ask so many questions? Don't worry, you passed the exam!" I swung the NFC out from under the chair in prep for unload and he looks at board, then the boots, and then back at me, shakes his head and says "Maybe I spoke too soon - you better take my card...
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    Group of us at Buttermilk today, broke up after lunch after tearing up the slopes below the main lift from base. After lunch I ride the Tieback chair by myself. I'm tightening up my boots when the next chair arrives and an older skier slid along side. Actually make that grumpy older skier. GOS: Those THINGS make DEEP GROOVES in the SNOW. (said as if he owned the snow in question) Me: Yeah, we don't skid our turns.....we carve them. GOS: Silence, a pause, then poles away from me.
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    HAHAHAHAHA dang you got me there. My phrasing could use some work.
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    I never knew little old ladies found picking dingleberries beautiful. Come to think of it, it is kind of beautiful.
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    My six year old grandson won his age group at the NASTAR Nationals the last two years on both skis and board. I picked up a never-ridden Rossi board for him but he'll still need to grow a bit.
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    Thanks for all the tips. I’m with a club and the racing ended up being on the nastar course which was really icy and super steep... there was only one division (ski) but I raced on the Kessler. I was the only snowboarder, and it was a timed race with no help with handicap times for a snowboarder.... got second place.

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